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Scalr Releases Open-Source Scalr 3.0 with Major New Features

[DAILYHOSTNEWS]—March 27, 2012—Scalr released today version 3.0 of its flagship eponymous product Scalr®, the latest major release of the world’s most advanced open source cloud computing management platform. Scalr 3.0 brings new innovations, previously only available to subscribers of its hosted service, to the entire Scalr community as a free and open source download. Open-Source Scalr 3.0 includes some major features such as: integration with leading configuration management tool Opscode Chef®, automation for the leading NoSQL databases MongoDB®, Redis®, PostgreSQL® and advanced reporting with realtime per-application cost tracking.

Scalr 3.0 is the first cloud computing software management with a highly granular permission system access control, DNS management for your domains including automatic record creation, plus the long-praised deployment tool to release your applications on multiple servers. Scalr 3.0 also offers practical improvements to make the life of the Scalr’s community easier, such as security groups permissions descriptions, an auto-update daemon, a server initialization real-time status, an automated role for VMware’s CloudFoundry® open source PaaS, add-ons for RabbitMQ® and MySQL Proxy®, two-factors authentication, farms cloning, servers discovery, and usage statistics and budgeting.

“Scalr is on a 20% user base growth per month and the version 3.0 is a major milestone for the entire community. We want our effort to benefits both Hosted Service and Open Source users, and with this version things get even better.” said Sebastian Stadil, Scalr CEO & Founder. “This version includes long awaited features such as the NoSQL databases comprehensive support with automated role. Our all-integration approach allows us to move faster than every cloud computing software in the market.” said Igor Savchenko, Scalr CTO.

Scalr has been used by thousands, from high-growth promising start-ups like Sorenson Media to multinational market leader like Samsung. These customer successes will always benefit the community as Scalr is released under an Apache 2 license for the Open-Source version. Scalr’s workforce is set to double in 2012 and is serving customers on every continent. Scalr designs Scalr software, the open source best cloud computing management software. In the future, Scalr will continue to make the management of your cloud infrastructure easier.

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