SandForce Announces SSD Processor Optimized For Cloud Computing

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DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 13, 2011 – SandForce, the innovator of Solid State Drive (SSD) Processors that drive ubiquitous deployment of volume flash memory into primary and I/O intensive data storage applications, has announced the SF-2481 SSD Processor — the first SSD Processor optimized for cloud computing environments. This booming storage segment uniquely demands the performance and reliability of enterprise SSDs balanced with volume Multi-Level Cell (MLC) flash in order to meet the ever-increasing solid state storage demands of the world’s leading cloud services providers.

“As the SSD market matures, architectures are being developed to satisfy the specific needs of various market segments,” said Jim Handy, SSD analyst for Objective Analysis. “SandForce is wisely targeting one of the most important SSD markets by tuning a variant of its high-performance SSD Processor to the needs of the Internet data center. This should be a good deal both for SandForce and for the company’s cloud computing customers.”

The SF-2481 SSD Processor features a number of innovations including increasing the endurance of SSDs built with standard MLC flash by incorporating nearly twice the normal error correction strength. In addition, it adds outstanding Predictive Failure Analysis capabilities including a new Media Health Test to ensure the highest reliability over the life of the storage solution. These are combined with the many other outstanding features of the current award-winning second generation SandForce SATA 6 Gigabit/sec SSD Processors with DuraClass technology.

“Storage needs in Cloud computing is exploding worldwide, and to optimize the total cost of ownership, the cloud environment needs solid-state storage that performs at the highest levels with the greatest longevity and reliability on standard MLC flash,” said Jeremy Werner, Director of Marketing for SandForce. “The SF-2481 SSD Processor was specifically designed to deliver the perfect combination of performance, endurance, and intelligence required in cloud computing data centers.”

The SF-2481 SSD Processor is sampling to OEMs now and will ship in mass production in January 2012.

About SandForce
SandForce SSD Processors use DuraClass technology with RAISE and patent pending DuraWrite to drive ubiquitous deployment of volume flash memory into primary and I/O intensive data storage applications. SandForce Driven SSDs dramatically optimize mission-critical application reliability, IT infrastructure ROI, green power preservation, and everyday computing user experiences.

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