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Rservers Announces Fully-Managed Backups Featuring R1Soft

DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 12, 2011 –RSERVERS, a managed solutions provider, has announced the addition of a fully-managed backup service featuring R1Soft’s all-new industrial strength Continuous Data Protection (CDP)  3.0 technology. With this new premium offering, Rservers clients including SMBs, healthcare, and hosting companies can expect an increased confidence that their mission-critical data is protected.

As the industry standard for data protection, R1Soft’s cost-efficient CDP backup software permits Rservers to enhance its services and build client loyalty, all while generating additional revenue. R1Soft CDP software quickly backs up data through server snapshots without adversely affecting server performance. CDP then stores these snapshots as multiple data retention points from which data can be rapidly restored using CDP’s Bare-Metal Restore (BMR) technology.

Not only does R1Soft’s BMR technology allow Rservers to recover from possible full system failures, it also facilitates quick data transfer between servers and datacenters. By making OS re-installation unnecessary, CDP’s BMR feature essentially creates a shortcut to data recovery with a simple point-and-click “restore”, minimizing server downtime.

“Rservers is completely committed to data integrity and the protection of our clients’ business reputation. R1Soft CDP gives us the tools we need to competitively deliver on these commitments with dependable, high-quality services,” said Grigore Raileanu, Rservers’ vice president of business development.

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Fully-managed CDP backups will be available to clients as an add-on to bundle with their existing services or as a standalone backup service.

“Rservers’ decision to enhance offerings with R1Soft’s high-performance backup technology is a shrewd strategic move. Rservers clients will quickly recognize the significant advantages of CDP backups over non-commercial backup alternatives,” said Domingo Martinez, global marketing manager for R1Soft, a division of BBS Technologies.

About Rservers
Rservers’ mission and goal is to provide high quality dedicated servers at affordable prices. Its highly driven and knowledgeable staff, combined with experience and vast buying power developed through the years, allows Rservers to provide the best the dedicated server industry has to offer at the lowest prices possible.

About R1Soft
R1Soft is the developer of Continuous Data Protection (CDP), scalable and high-performance backup software for Windows and Linux servers in the Cloud. Recognized as the leading commercial backup software in hosted services, R1Soft CDP is currently used by over 1,000 cloud infrastructure providers and protects more than 200,000 servers worldwide. R1Soft is a division of BBS Technologies.

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