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Round Table Summary & Highlights – GCCs Breaking into Strategic Realm of the Enterprise

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In today’s digital world, technology and business disruption is no longer a destination but rather a new state of “being”. Rapidly evolving customer expectations, competition from new digital native entrants, macro-economic uncertainties and rapid technological advancements are forcing enterprises to reimagine their future in the context of Products, Plants, People and Processes.
Enterprises are at an inflection point where they are seeking this transformation to be driven from within. This places GCCs at a strategically powerful position to influence how the parent organization can navigate the challenges and nurture the opportunities available due to digital disruption.
However, the key premise to achieving this is a strong GCC-HQ relationship that catapults the GCCs into the strategic realm of the parent enterprise. It is imperative that GCCs demonstrate ‘trust’ and foster a strong, collaborative relationship with HQ in a way that gives the GCCs the ability to influence and spearhead new ways of ‘thinking, working and doing’ for the global organization.

The roundtable discussion aims at bringing together mature India ER&D GCCs to dialogue the key levers they have adopted to strengthen the relationship with HQ and discuss potential mechanisms to address common challenges and pain points, that will ultimately lead to an evolved understanding of how India ER&D GCCs can break into the strategic decision making realm of the enterprise.

Key themes to drive the discussion:
 How can GCCs position themselves as a strategic /equitable Partner to the Enterprise?
o Proactive Solutioning Partner
o Outcome Based Models
o GIC As a Microcosm of Enterprises
o Ownership of Global Product Roadmap
 What are different mechanisms for GCCs to build zero-friction touchpoints at all levels of the organization in HQ (from leadership to delivery)?
 How can the GCC establish its own brand and persona at the HQ
 How do GCC’s measure and demonstrate the tech and business value /impact?

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