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Technology today has shifted from what it was a few years ago. Most things that are technology-enabled in this present era were once pure fantasy, but as technology has evolved, many things are now a part of the modern conveniences people expect on a daily basis. One of the leading contributors that helped technology flourish so effervescently was Globalization, and since then it has been bringing the world closer by the hour.

Once a famous visionary of modern era quoted, “We should keep on going along the path of globalization. Globalization is good… when trade stops, war comes.”It is thus, Globalization that pushes maximum organizations and individuals to go beyond their threshold and connect to their partners, users or consumers not only in their own country but across the globe. Now, the question arises, how do the organizations associate with their counterparts and share their ideas and ideologies without letting distance be a barrier.

Internet acts as the acting force, more quantitative than traditional media could ever be. There existed a time when emails were sufficient to send and receive data. In 2019, the same cannot be held true, emails have now become the spine for effective communication in leading organizations. Communication and collaboration have become integral to working with teams large or small. The ability to co-exist with other email solutions help an organization to get the best solution deployed for its employees with the best TCO in place.

Email solutions boost businesses, not only does it make the business very professional, but it also makes it easily recognizable. There exist numerous benefits of using professional email solutions:

Professional: First and the foremost, email solutions provide a very professional image of any business. Generates a good reputation amongst the customers such that they are at ease to do business with the company, as they would be aware that they are dealing with professionals.

More Credibility: A professional email account offers businesses the much-required credibility. As the customers can visit the website, and know about the company this provides them with a sense of credibility against the organizations.

Builds Brand Value: A professional email account is associated with a recognizable and unique domain address, it allows the customers to visit the website. This in a way lets the customer associate with the brand, thus increasing the brand value.

Greater Control: A professional email offers greater control and more features than any free email account. One can easily choose the space they require and customize it conditionally. It further enables organizations to select advanced features like monitoring, grouping, privacy & security (anti-spam & anti-virus) and much more.

Highly Cost-Effective: Business email solutions cost very minimal as compared to the benefits they provide. They act as a smart and valuable investment for any business across the globe.

Having a local datacenter setup addresses the concern of data regulations laid by the government and other governing bodies. Even today, there happens to exist a good number of Banking and Financial Institutions which have a mandate to keep the data within their organization not in a public place, therefore there occurs the requirement of an on-premises solution or a private cloud option for the same.

Since having a flexible plan for the customer is also a very crucial aspect, most organizations select the required solution with utmost priority. The way businesses are shaping themselves today with the effective usage of the Internet, proves that the market is evolving, always changing and never remaining the same. Utilization of collaborative platforms that expand beyond the offices of individual companies may promote global productivity, help reduce costs and allow businesses to be aware of synergistic developments to potentially get in on.

No matter however we may try to portray, the future looks progressively collaborative and it will be further interesting to appreciate how new company partnerships grow. If we can accommodate this trend today, it might conclude that working apart can bring us nearer and, more prominently, closer to our business goals.

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Guest Author: Pramod Sharda

Pramod Sharda is the CEO of IceWarp India & Middle East. IceWarp is an internationally renowned company for developing a complex solution for communication and collaboration; has been operating in the market since 2001. 

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