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Red Maple™ Receives Patent for Breakthrough Software Solution StagedPay™

StagedPay enables retailers to protect customers from online theft and fraud fight

BOERNE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#creditcardsafety–Texas-based software company Red Maple is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent No. 10,853,818 for its StagedPay software. StagedPay provides a revolutionary solution to protect companies and their customers across the globe from theft and fraud.

“Getting the patent is a big step forward for Red Maple. With StagedPay, we can offer merchants a safe and effective way to securely process credit card data. StagedPay has a hosted solution which means merchants never have the customer’s entire credit card number. The safest transaction is the one where the business never has the credit card information. In addition, it can prevent employees and third parties from committing fraud and theft,” explained Patrick Hodo, CTO of Red Maple.

StagedPay uses a two-step authentication that allows merchants to process secure payment transactions. It works like a combination lock by allowing merchants to accept and process credit cards using only part of the card number. It requires multiple keys to authenticate, verify, and open the purchasing vault. To complete the purchase, the customer must enter the remaining card numbers on a secure, StagedPay site via text, email, or by phone. The merchant is notified when the order is complete.

This two-step process means the merchant never collects the full credit card number, so it’s not vulnerable in the event of a data breach. StagedPay also helps prevent criminals from using stolen credit card numbers. Customers must provide an email or phone number associated with the credit card to verify and complete the transaction. StagedPay also allows credit card information to be tokenized and inserted into a company’s ERP system to be re-used securely for future transactions.

Red Maple currently offers two key products – StagedPay Card Not Present and StagedPay eCommerce. They work with small, medium, and large merchant’s payment systems. The program also ensures businesses maintain PCI compliance. For medium and large businesses, StagedPay can eliminate SAQ audits and the cost of PCI compliance as it requires more information from consumers than Card Verification Data and Address Verification for authentication. Learn more at


Company Contact: Patrick Hodo,, 972-980-6963

Media Contact: Diane White,, 918-770-3905

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