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Red Hat updates its business process management suite

Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7

Red Hat is enhancing its business process management offering with the launch of Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7. The offering was formerly called Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, which has now been renamed and made more focused on hybrid cloud.

Process Automation Manager is cloud-native platform used to build applications which can automate business processes and decisions.

The new version expands the BPM capabilities to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. This will allow enterprises to develop, test and deploy intelligent cloud-based applications as containerized microservices spanning hybrid cloud environments.

The applications built using Process Automation Manager 7 will help companies to streamline, automate, measure and continuously improve the business operations, Red Hat said.

To help developers create rich and device independent user interfaces, there are new application development tools which will provide simplified and more spontaneous experience while building applications.

The dynamic and improvised workflows are very difficult to represent in a traditional process model. To make it easier, Red Hat has added new dynamic case capabilities, which will help customers to collaborate and easily manage unstructured processes.

Further, the Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7 operates better in the cases of fraud detection and investigation.

“Process automation technology materializes the benefits of Red Hat’s vision and strengths—open hybrid cloud, containers, DevOps, microservices—for the business. With Red Hat Process Automation Manager, business professionals can collaborate side-by-side with technical architects to optimize workflows, rapidly introduce new offerings, and drive operational efficiency in ways that delight customers and outmaneuver competitors in an increasingly digital world,” said Mike Piech, vice president and general manager, Middleware, Red Hat.

The open-source giant has added Red Hat Decision Manager to the existing portfolio of Process Automation Manager which comprises Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM), and Complex Event Processing (CEP) technologies

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It is now available to download for Red Hat Developer Community. Customers can update the Process Automation Manager through Red Hat Customer Portal.

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