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Red Hat unveils Fuse 7 integrated with OpenShift and Fuse Online

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Red Hat Fuse 7

Red Hat has introduced the latest version of its cloud-native integration solution: Red Hat Fuse 7, which was formerly called Red Hat JBoss Fuse.

Fuse 7 is a cloud-native distribution solution for developers to develop, deploy and scale integration capabilities. It has now been integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for better collaboration among diverse users.

Developers will get a unified solution to create, extend, and deploy containerized integration services across hybrid cloud environments. Fuse 7 integrated with OCP will enable greater productivity and manageability in private, public and hybrid clouds.

The new version of Fuse service comes with a new low-code integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solution called Fuse Online. It will help integration experts, application developers and citizen integrators to build integration services independently.

Enterprises will get a single unified platform rather than having several pieces of technology for different user characteristics. It will enable maximum collaboration between developers and citizen integrators.

Fuse 7 provides an intuitive interface and customizable capabilities, allowing citizen integrators to deliver integration solution without waiting for developers to implement it.

“With Fuse 7, which includes Fuse Online, we are continuing to enhance and evolve the platform to meet the changing needs of today’s businesses, building off of our strength in hybrid cloud and better serving both the technical and non-technical professionals involved in integration today,” said Mike Piech, vice president and general manager, Middleware, Red Hat.

The browser-based graphical interface that contains over 200 pre-defined connectors and components, will help enterprises and developers to rapidly integrate applications and services.

Red Hat said that the pre-defined components are based on Apache Camel and consist over 50 new connectors for big data, cloud services, and SaaS endpoints. These will help organizations to adapt and scale for legacy systems, APIs, IoT devices and cloud-native applications.

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Customers can deploy Red Hat Fuse 7 alongside Red Hat 3scale API Management to easily integrate systems across hybrid cloud environments.

Red Hat Fuse 7 is now available for customers through Red Hat Customer Portal.

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