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Red Hat Releases Preview of OpenStack

Red Hat Releases Preview of OpenStack

Red Hat, the world’s leading open source solutions provider, announced on Monday the immediate availability of the preview release of Red Hat’s OpenStack distribution based on the popular open source OpenStack framework for building and managing private, public and hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds

According to Red Hat’s press release, Open Stack is an open source framework for building private and public IaaS clouds that complements Red Hat’s portfolio of open source cloud solutions. The core software projects provide compute, storage and networking management services, with a shared identity service and dashboard. Red Hat has long been contributing to Open Stack and has steadily increased its participation and contributions over time. At the OpenStack Summit 2012 in April, it was recognized that Red Hat is the third overall contributor to OpenStack. In April 2012, in cooperation with other industry leaders, Red Hat also announced its intention to support the OpenStack Foundation, the governing body for maintaining the OpenStack project, as a Platinum Member.

Open Stack preview version can be downloaded from the Red Hat website ( The preview version is released by Red Hat in order to receive the feedback from developers and end-users before the commercial release. The preview is free of cost, but unsupported by Red Hat and not recommended for production use.

Individuals using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 6.3 or newer are eligible to download the platform from Red Hat’s website. One needs a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription for each server to install with the Red Hat OpenStack software.

Brian Stevens, CTO & Vice President, Worldwide Engineering, Red Hat, stated, “Through our expanding involvement with Open Stack, we’ve seen a thriving community develop and are excited in reaching this milestone along the way to delivering an enterprise-class product based on this open cloud technology. Our current productization efforts are focused around hardening an integrated solution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenStack to deliver an enterprise-ready solution that enables enterprises worldwide to realize infrastructure clouds. We invite OpenStack enthusiasts and enterprises interested in the technology to download our preview and provide feedback to help us accelerate the delivery of a stable OpenStack enterprise platform for the industry.”

Earlier this month Red Hat also launched its API named as DataCloud 1.0.

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