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Raising the Quality and Innovation Bars: MediaKind Introduces ‘More’ Technology and Partnerships at NAB Show 2023

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FRISCO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Join MediaKind at the NAB Show from April 16th to the 19th at booth #W2100 as it unveils over a dozen groundbreaking products, technology innovations, and industry collaborations. Visitors will discover efficient, cost-effective, and highly reliable solutions, offering diverse format support, monetization options, and technological breakthroughs that accelerate and enhance video business growth sustainability and economic advantage.

Visitors to the MediaKind NAB Show 2023 booth will explore how MediaKind assists broadcasters, TV operators, and content owners in increasing ARPU and CLTV, unlocking new advertising models to achieve higher CPMs, to seize the FAST opportunity, expand audience reach, and boost advertising revenue. Technology and applications showcased will include:

More Innovations:

MediaKind Atlas delivers three significant workflows from the Cloud: Live Catch-up and TV recording, AI-powered file-based encoding, and AI-based Upscale. Atlas leverages public cloud storage along with AI-powered services for next-generation Cloud DVR services. An award-winning proprietary codec implementation ensures high quality and high-speed file transcoding, while AI-based Upscale enables HD to 4K upscaling, repurposing old content libraries for modern screen sizes with pristine quality.

MediaKind Wave expands Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) to ultra-low latency streams, provides Instant Channel Change for a seamless viewing experience, and uses multicast technology to stream targeted ads to millions of simultaneous live event viewers. Wave leverages existing DRM and efficient delivery protocols, allowing a secure and large-scale live distribution. With Wave, Operators can combine their IPTV and streaming distribution networks, and media owners can offer new immersive and interactive live experiences.

MediaKind Aquila incorporates hardware acceleration to decrease power consumption and carbon footprint by 70% for live transcoding. A new AI-enabled video analysis engine optimizes cloud consumption, while the latest Versatile Video Coding (VVC) codec significantly reduces bandwidth requirements compared to H.264 and HEVC. MediaKind’s strong focus on energy efficiency puts sustainability front and center for the video streaming ecosystem.

More uptime: with a high focus on software quality and design, MediaKind’s multi-cloud architecture, supported by one of the industry’s leading System Reliability Engineering teams, offers unparalleled resiliency and service uptime. MediaKind’s video products and media platforms have powered some of the largest and most prestigious live sporting events in the United States with workflows operated in the cloud, at the edge, or in private data centers.

More Formats:

Technical innovation is furthered with MediaKind Edge Processing products, RX1 and CE1, that provide high-quality media processing and streaming management at the edge of the network. Supporting a wide range of media formats, including JPEG-XS, MediaKind Edge Processing products enable the highly efficient transportation of video over IP networks. Integration with Net Insight Nimbra, a scalable media transport solution, ensures faster delivery with ultra-high quality and maximum reliability so that operators can move from legacy satellite and microwave contribution systems to IP.

More Monetization:

MediaKind offers a comprehensive solution for transacting live video while managing all aspects of the monetization. MediaKind’s MediaFirst expands its dynamic entitlements engine to support short live segments, and PRISMA offers hyper-targeted advertising for building FAST services. With MediaKind’s complete live video monetization stack, content owners can focus on producing content, providing the best user experience, and creating innovative business models to monetize their live assets.

More Partnerships:

MediaKind’s versatile solutions benefit from a diverse partner ecosystem. Among the showcased collaborations is ARQPLEX, a joint venture with Arqiva, providing broadcasters with a turnkey disaster recovery product for continuous service. An end-to-end cloud-first IP video distribution system developed with Net Insight provides seamless live video streaming with Qibb’s iPaaS streaming solution. Workflow technology partners Equativ, Tellyo, and BCNEXXT also join MediaKind to demonstrate advanced ad decisioning, cloud production, and cloud playout solutions for integrated live production and video delivery.

Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer, MediaKind, commented, “With the increasing demand from viewers for new ways to experience video and expectations for quality rising, streaming services and video distributors must innovate. We’ve worked hard with our customers to develop the technology, features, quality, and performance they need, and I am proud to say that we are delivering products that unlock new experiences and monetization opportunities. We cannot wait to show the industry our expanded software-centric, cloud-native solutions that are pushing the boundaries of streaming even beyond the capabilities of traditional broadcast or pay-TV experiences.”

To arrange a meeting with MediaKind, please book a meeting, or connect with your local sales representative. Or, if you prefer, visit the booth at #W2100.

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