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Rackspace Upgrades its Cloud Tools Marketplace

Rackspace Upgrades its Cloud Tools Marketplace

[DAILYHOSTNEWS] July 21, 2012 Rackspace, the web hosting provider announced this week that it has upgraded its Cloud Tools Marketplace to enhance the customer experience for accessing the ecosystem of cutting-edge applications, tools and solutions.

According to the company’s press release, “The Cloud Tools Marketplace has been developed by Rackspace to support an open ecosystem. The marketplace enables a more seamless customer experience, bringing them together with a broad range of solution providers that improve their cloud deployments.  With enhanced search functionality, customers can now more easily browse through various categories of technologies, find specific solutions to address their business needs and connect with these applications.  The marketplace also provides more resources for customers to make an informed decision, including demo videos, screenshots and user reviews.”

Rackspace released six new cloud products as a part of its Open Stack-based cloud infrastructure platform. With the launch of the open Rackspace Cloud, it has become even simpler for application developers to join the Cloud Tools program and leverage the portability of OpenStack® technology.

John Engates, Chief Technology Officer, Rackspace, quoted, “Over the past three years, Rackspace has grown the Cloud Tools program because of its commitment to openness and collaboration with best-of-breed solution providers, The Cloud Tools Marketplace provides an ideal customer experience by making it easier for them to identify the most appropriate technologies to use with their open cloud deployment.”

With its growing ecosystem, Rackspace is able to extend innovative capabilities provided by third parties to customers in a host of areas, such as:

  • Cloud Management Platforms: enStratus, RightScale, ScaleXtreme.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Cloudability, New Relic.
  • Application Deployment: Standing Cloud.
  • Security: CloudPassage, Dome9, StillSecure.
  • Databases: Xeround, MongoLab.
  • SMTP Email: SendGrid.

Various benefits including the opportunity to be featured in the marketplace will be offered to applications developers who join the Cloud Tools program.

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