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Rackspace to use it’s Openstack expertise to expand it’s Global Cloud Network

Rackspace Hosting today announced it’s plans to expand its global cloud network by building and running interoperable public clouds for service providers around the world, telecommunications companies. As the founder of OpenStack, Rackspace plans to build out cloud infrastructures for it’s partners with it’s technology, operations and go to market expertise.The partners can then start charging their customers for the said cloud offerings. The news follows the acquisition of Exceptional Cloud Services and its suite of developer solutions, including error tracking and Redis-as-a-Service capabilities by Rackspace.

Rackspace will deploy it’s public cloud into a service provider data center and remotely operate that cloud, and the service provider will provide the physical data center operations as well as market, sell and support the co-branded cloud directly to its end-customers. The company will also provide continuous automated testing and delivery of updates from the Rackspace engineering teams, along with infrastructure management operations such as patching, tuning and monitoring backed by carrier-grade SLAs.

Such an extensive extension of Rackspace’s public cloud portfolio will give both service providers and their customers access to a network of interconnected global data centers – customers will be able to run their workloads in any data center that is part of the network, while maintaining their business relationship with the local provider of their choice. It will also expand Rackspace’s global data center footprint to include these service provider partners, thereby increasing both it’s and it’s partners’ resource utilization and cloud growth.

Rackspace to offer OpenStack deployments to telecos and other providers

Following are the components that Rackspace plans to make available to telcos and other large service providers:

  • Cloud technology: Rackspace Cloud hardware and software infrastructure, powered by OpenStack, with continuous automated testing and delivery of updates from Rackspace engineering teams.
  • Infrastructure Operations: Patching, tuning and monitoring with carrier-grade SLA’s.
  • Go-to-market support: Sales and support training, collateral, and customer references to accelerate the time to market needed for a successful launch.
  • Extended reach for users: Cloud users would benefit from the program’s interconnected, individually owned and operated data centers around the world by being able to run their workloads in multiple geographies. Customers of any one program partner in the network would have access to additional resources through the other program partners in the network.
  • Increased resource utilization for providers: Rackspace and all other program partners would expand their datacenter reach to include those of the other program partners. This would enable the program partners to increase resource utilization and cloud growth by selling through other providers in the network.
The creation of this network allows for different providers, in different regions, with different service characteristics to link together to better serve the cloud users around the world with a fully interoperable global ‘cloud of clouds’.
– Lanham Napier, CEO, Rackspace.Lanham Napier, CEO for Rackspace.

“Rackspace is developing its OpenStack based cloud technology that it uses in its own cloud into a commercially supported, packaged offering,” said Gary Chen, research manager for IDC’s Cloud and Virtualization System Software. “Not every provider wants to or should build a cloud from scratch, and Rackspace’s experience with cloud computing and this turnkey packaged cloud solution should be of interest to other providers. IDC believes that a global federated service provider cloud network that allows creation of hybrid clouds with resources from multiple public providers could be a compelling solution for customers.”

“We have had interest from service providers on nearly every continent to extend Rackspace’s proven OpenStack powered public cloud solutions and expertise to their customers. It is important to broaden the adoption of open-source technologies through partners around the world,” said Lanham Napier, CEO for Rackspace. “The creation of this network allows for different providers, in different regions, with different service characteristics to link together to better serve the cloud users around the world with a fully interoperable global ‘cloud of clouds’. Rackspace is passionate about leading this charge and helping service providers capitalize on the expanded network to better serve their customers.”

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