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Quest Software Optimizes VMware Backup And Recovery With HP

Quest Software Optimizes VMware Backup And Recovery With HP

DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 7, 2011 – Quest Software has certified vRanger, its market-leading VMware backup, replication and recovery software, on HP StoreOnce Backup Systems to deliver a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for backing up and recovering VMware environments.

The combination of vRanger and HP StoreOnce Backup Systems provides VMware customers with high-performance, deduplicated backups and fast, reliable recovery from disk.

Using vRanger’s comprehensive protection for VMware environments in tandem with HP StoreOnce Backup Systems lets customers manage ever-increasing volumes of data by optimizing disk space usage and consolidating backups, while ensuring faster restore of critical data for disaster recovery.

The use of vRanger with HP StoreOnce Backup Systems dramatically reduces the size of backup files by leveraging a host of data-reduction technologies.

vRanger supports several space-saving mechanisms, including VMware Change Block Tracking, incremental and differential backups, and Quest Software’s patented active block mapping technology, which quickly scans block maps to back up only the changed blocks with active data.

These space-saving technologies reduce the size of the backups sent to the StoreOnce Backup System, which further reduces the physical size of the backup with inline deduplication.

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For disaster recovery, the HP StoreOnce Backup System reduces bandwidth requirements for data replication to a remote location. vRanger backups also can be integrated with backup applications that support copying or migrating data from the HP StoreOnce Backup System to tape, delivering an added layer of disaster recovery and archiving capabilities.

John Maxwell, vice president, data protection product management, Quest Software, said, “Trends such as dramatic growth of mission-critical data and widespread adoption of virtualization have SMBs and enterprises alike looking for ways to do more while spending less. Quest’s technology alliances with leading data protection hardware providers help them achieve that goal. The combination of vRanger and HP StoreOnce Backup Systems gives customers the tools they need to implement an end-to-end data protection strategy that ensures full protection of their growing VMware virtual environments.”

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Quest Software simplifies and reduces the cost of managing IT for more than 100,000 customers worldwide. The company’s innovative solutions make solving the toughest IT management problems easier, enabling customers to save time and money across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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