Quest releases new KACE SDA and SMA to meet growing endpoint demands of IT teams

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The leading systems management, data protection and security software provider Quest has made the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA) 7.0 generally available. The new release will help IT users to automate large-scale system deployment and simplify migrations of multiple operating systems.

The SDA version 7.0 will provide support to manage broad endpoint devices with new support for Linux devices.

Following are the new features of KACE SDA 7.0:

  • Added support services for Linux, involving Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu. Plus, automated fast installation services for Linux.
  • There are new WIM file capabilities added in the latest version where users can import files as an image. For admins, the system will provide clear details on where the WIM files have been deployed.
  • The new Windows Media Manager is rewritten in C# language that also include KBE manipulator features.
  • With updated SAMBA, there are fewer touches in the password update process now. The passwords that users share will be automatically updated in every boot environment on the appliance.
  • The operating system has been upgraded to the most advanced and secured version of FreeBSD.

Apart from this, Quest has also released the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) 9.1. The KACE SMA 9.1 is an automated approach to addressing the ongoing systems management needs. This approach is effective in protecting the users from cybercrime by automating the patching process.

The KACE SMA 9.1 also brings support for Service Desk and Microsoft Azure to the platform infrastructure.

The update to KACE SDA and SMA is primarily about improving the endpoint management strategies and enabling users to proactively “provision, manage, secure and service their growing endpoint environments.”

“IT departments struggle with managing and securing all devices connected to the network, and just can’t afford to spend time with issues around one-off systems imaging. KACE SDA and SMA address these challenges by arming teams with the solutions necessary to address every organization’s growing endpoint needs,” said Ken Galvin, Senior Product Manager at Quest Software.

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