QTS Releases Industry-first Open Source Standard for Data Center Management

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QTS Datacenter

QTS’ open source APIs deliver maximum transparency giving customers full access to their infrastructure data

QTS Realty Trust, a leading provider of software-defined and megascale data center solutions, announced today that it will release its application programming interface (API) definitions as Open Source under the BSD license to provide maximum transparency and offer as a basis of an open standard for the industry. 

QTS is committed to the digitization of its end-to-end systems and processes to enable new ways for its customers and employees to interact with QTS’ platform and accelerate the deployment of new services and solutions.  

Also read: “Demand for scale and speed delivered at the right economics is opening the door for a new breed of Hyperscale Service Provider being sought by the biggest Internet-based businesses.” – Chris Ortbals, QTS.

QTS has published API’s that support real-time access to all aspects of data center operations including security, power, cooling, sensors, provisioning and many other key metrics. This allows customers to embed the API into their own systems allowing increased control and visibility of their data center footprint.

“Digitization has the data center industry evolving rapidly and data transparency is the key to enabling the next generation of service delivery,” said Jon Greaves, Chief Technology Officer, QTS.  “By publishing the APIs, QTS will accelerate this evolution by giving customers full transparency and access to all their infrastructure data as well as providing a basis for interoperability between service providers and customers. We will continue to release new functionality that further increases transparency and interoperability that we expect will be embraced by the industry and we anticipate other providers to follow.”

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