QTS further expands its connectivity ecosystem with Telia Carrier

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QTS Realty Trust, a leading software-defined and mega scale data center solutions company, announced that Telia Carrier, owner and operator of the world’s #1 ranked global Internet backbone, has launched its complete suite of connectivity services in QTS’ Piscataway, NJ and Irving, TX data centers.

Telia Carrier has deployed terabit scale transmission gear and core routers at both mega scale QTS campuses to offer its full suite of services and enhance the diverse connectivity ecosystem.

Telia Carrier is the top ranked global IP backbone, with customers in over 125 countries, operating in 35 of these and having a worldwide network presence in 120 cities. Telia Carrier provides a wide range of connectivity services in its portfolio, such as DDoS, DWDM, IP Transit, Cloud Connect, and Ethernet services.

The New Jersey Network Access Point (NJ NAP) of QTS, located within the mega data center of QTS in Piscataway, NJ, is a highly connected regional hub serving enterprises and network carriers, involving those serving the financial services market. Telia Carrier’s full network suite deployment will add to the expanding ecosystem of NJ NAP’s fiber networks, internet exchanges, cloud access networks, transport networks, and direct access to 10 transatlantic subsea cables involving the new AEC-2.

The mega data center of QTS, located in Irving, TX provides a strategic central location, enabling optimal, fiber-rich connectivity coast-to-coast. The addition of Telia Carrier supports the growing demand for QTS and Telia Carrier customers seeking diversified long-distance routes across the Southwest and Mexico as well as IP, Ethernet, Cloud, DWDM, and DDoS services.

Furthermore, this announcement expands the presence of Telia Carrier across QTS’ data center footprint. In addition to Piscataway and Irving, Telia Carrier is deployed in QTS’ Chicago, Hillsboro, Miami, and Atlanta data centers, and has established a presence at the QTS Richmond NAP that accesses to the high speed, low latency MAREA, BRUSA and DUNANT subsea cables that terminate there.

“Digital transformation drives new enterprise requirements for differentiated global IP and transport networks that exceed customer expectations,” said Ivo Pascucci, Vice President, Sales, Telia Carrier. “Telia Carrier and QTS are aligned in our commitment to provide scale and resiliency – now in seven key markets – serving accelerating customer demand for communications infrastructure and services.”

“We are pleased to continue the expansion of the world’s number one ranked Internet backbone network across our highly connected data center footprint,” said Sean Baillie, Executive Vice President, Connectivity Strategy, QTS. “Customers will benefit from Telia Carrier’s new 34 terabit systems that can bypass legacy carrier hotels and connect directly in QTS’ mega data centers giving customers scalable access to diverse connectivity solutions.”

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