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Pure Storage unveils new data protection solution built for flash and cloud

Pure Storage

All-flash data storage solutions provider Pure Storage has launched a new data protection platform called ObjectEngine. Built specifically for flash and cloud, the new platform will enable faster recovery and data centricity for modern enterprises.

Data protection has become crucial for enterprises in the era of digital transformation where every business is migrating to cloud. Traditional approaches to data protection don’t work for modern enterprises that have adopted cloud.

Also, the legacy backup solutions are around ten times slower at the time of restoring data. And enterprises today want to access and restore all the data in real-time. As per an industry research, 57% of enterprises will change their existing data protection solution within next two years.

Pure Storage’s ObjectEngine is a modern data protection solution that will address contemporary data protection challenges for enterprises, restore data on-demand, and enable its applications in cloud.

In September 2018, Pure Storage had acquired StorReduce, a cloud-first software-defined storage solution to manage large scale unstructured data. The company said that it has built ObjectEngine on cloud-native technologies of StorReduce.

This makes ObjectEngine a unified solution for cloud and on-premises and provides seamless and rapid backup and recovery across both.

“For too long, backup and protection has been an insurance policy rather than a strategic asset. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, organizations need every advantage possible to ensure they get the most value out of their data. That means fast recovery to ensure data is back in production use as quickly as possible — modern organizations simply cannot afford to wait days or weeks,” said Matt Burr, General Manager for FlashBlade, Pure Storage.

“ObjectEngine offers an evolved, cloud-centric approach to business continuity that can help forward-looking customers do more with their data.”

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The new solution will be available in two configurations—ObjectEngine//A and ObjectEngine//Cloud.

The ObjectEngine//A will offer 25 terabyte/hr (TB/hr) backup performance and 15 TB/hr restore performance. The company claims that it can reduce storage and bandwidth costs by up to 97%.

On the other hand, ObjectEngine//Cloud is a secure and enterprise-ready platform that will enable openness, integration and data portability. It will come with a single namespace for data across hybrid cloud. This configuration can scale to provide over 100 TB/hr performance.

Pure Storage ObjectEngine is expected to be available in first half of 2019.

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