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Progress Software Launches Progress Pacific Application Platform as a Service; Acquires Rollbase Inc

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Progress Software Corporation today announced launch of Progress Pacific, an Application Platform as a Service for building and managing “connected apps” on any cloud, mobile or social platform. With Progress Pacific, businesses and ISVs can to choose the data sources, deployment environments and business logic tools that best fit their needs.

In addition to the new launch, Progress today also announced acquisition of California-based Rollbase Inc., a privately held ISV. Rollbase, Inc was recently named “One of the Cool Vendors in PaaS” by Gartner, Inc.

Progress Software plans to incorporate Rollbase’s technology with its products such as Progress DataDirect, OpenEdge and Corticon, and uniting them into one cloud-based platform. The whole aspect of developing an application – from design, setting up services, to connecting to data sources can now be done from this single platform.

Karen Tegan Padir, Senior Vice President and business line executive, Application Development, Progress Software gives a brief idea:

Some of the of the capabilities that will be included are:

  • Rapid Development: With Rollbase, customers can develop powerful, standards-based business applications with innovative point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools in a standard browser, to save time and money and gain deployment freedom.
  • Connection to the Most Data Sources: Customers can tap into most data sources like SaaS, relational database, NoSQL, Big Data, social, CRM, and ERP to develop automated, context-aware applications. Technology from Progress Data Direct, helps to unlock an application’s full value by allowing faster integration, analysis and decision-making.
  • Unique Hybrid Deployment Options: Developers can create cloud apps that can be deployed in multiple environments (cloud, on-premise, hybrid) as well as connect to existing applications.

“Progress started 30 years ago with a simple premise that software shouldn’t be the sole purview of the computer programmer. That premise is still true today,”

“We’ve designed this new platform for application development with the user experience in mind. It is built for the real world and the businesses that compete in it and where speed and simplicity matter most. We’re making it possible for anyone to bring their ideas to reality,” he added.

The Progress Pacific platform will be generally available later in Progress’ fiscal third quarter with the Rollbase product available immediately.

For more information, click here.

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