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Acronis announces pricing changes and new features for Cyber Protect

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In a recent update, Acronis has revealed significant changes to the pricing structure for Acronis Cyber Protect perpetual license renewals, set to take effect from October 1, 2023.

Switching to a subscription-based model for Acronis Cyber Protect brings several key benefits. It ensures cost predictability, making budgeting and forecasting simpler. Subscribers gain immediate access to the latest features and updates, guaranteeing top-notch security protocols. Moreover, subscription licenses offer enhanced flexibility, allowing for easy adjustments to resources based on your customers’ unique needs.

The increase in license renewal cost will vary based on regions. For partners seeking specific Acronis Cyber Protect subscription renewal details based on their location, the updated price lists are readily accessible on the Partner Portal.

In line with its strategic vision, Acronis will also deactivate the Acronis Detection and Response SKUs, effective October 1, 2023.

New Acronis releases

Acronis has also introduced a range of exciting new capabilities in the Cyber Protect Cloud, designed to enhance backup performance and streamline Google Workspace backup sales. These include:

Advanced Automation General Availability: Advanced Automation empowers MSPs to streamline their daily tasks and enhance operational efficiency through its comprehensive suite of tools, including service desk management, time tracking, billing, contract management, analytics, and reporting. It seamlessly integrates with both Acronis and third-party services.

Unlimited Storage for Google Workspace: Acronis now provides unlimited storage for Google Workspace, empowering businesses to boost sales and control costs. Under the per-workload licensing model, instances from Google Team Drives will no longer incur charges from Acronis.

Backup Performance Analyzer with Bottleneck Detection: This tool enables businesses to improve backup and recovery times by automatically identifying components within the backup infrastructure that impact performance the most. This information empowers businesses to make more effective IT investment decisions.

N-able N-central Integration, Version 2.0: Onboarding new partners using N-able N-central has been streamlined, enhancing customer provisioning efficiency. Acronis workloads can now be monitored centrally and standardized using N-Central’s native automated dashboards, alongside automated issue remediation to boost operational efficiency.

ConnectWise Asio Integration, Version 2.2: Businesses can now enhance operational efficiency by reducing manual ticketing tasks through a ConnectWise Asio interface. Furthermore, an extended range of Acronis alerts can be managed, with automatic ticket deletion upon alert resolution. This integration facilitates direct management of Linux workloads from ConnectWise Asio, bolstering customer protection.

Learn about the other updates here.

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