Polaris Mail Announces Debut of Small Business Package With Free Web Hosting

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DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 9, 2011 – The Small Business Package provides web hosting, Confluence wiki, and sugarCRM for customer relationship management, at no additional cost when clients use email hosting from PolarisMail.

This allows business owners to bundle all of their services with one provider, putting an end to managing multiple internet accounts – web hosting in one place, professional e-mail in another place, and enterprise wiki in yet another place.

Most hosting companies charge for their web hosting services, and offer e-mail accounts for free – but providing quality email service is actually far more challenging than providing web hosting, explains CEO George Breahna.

“E-mail is a core component of all businesses today and it takes a dedicated e-mail specialist to provide a company with proper e-mail service,” Breahna said.

Businesses need to be able to ensure that all aspects of their online presence are integrated seamlessly and will work together without a hitch, or they risk making a bad impression on customers, Breahna explained.

That is why PolarisMail created the Small Business Package, which provides that seamless integration while also offering a significant cost savings by offering free web hosting and other bundled services.

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“The Small Business Package provides all the essential apps required by an organization: e-mail, collaboration tools, website hosting and customer relationship management,” Breahna said.

This allows business owners to leave the professional e-mail management and web hosting to the professional, and concentrate on what they do best, which is running their business.

About PolarisMail
PolarisMail is a privately held company founded in 2003 in Montreal Canada. The company’s main and only activity is business e-mail related services with the goal of providing the best service in the industry at unbeatable prices.

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