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Pokki renovates desktop experience

Pokki renovates desktop experience

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January 23, 2012- Efficiently revamping the desktop usage, Pokki, an application platform for creating desktop applications using HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript, have recently introduced another series of interesting applications.

The new featured apps join a row of 63 already existing applications also called ‘Pokkies’.  

Pokki uses Chromium internally, meaning layout and rendering is powered by WebKit and JavaScript is powered by V8. Using these apps are totally different unlike usual HTML experience.

Pokki is a new application, in beta, aiming to link websites and desktop applications by creating site-specific desktop applications.

It is a program that integrates web applications into desktop. Instead of simply establishing web pages into an application window, Pokki “apps” are smooth and beautifully designed applications that pin to the taskbar on downloading giving a perfect desktop experience.

On clicking, the Pokki icons lift-off little popup windows, instead of launching the entire applications. These icons serve as the exact Gmail or Facebook account or any other application page and the user is able to perform every action as they would do otherwise. It has all the features of all these widely used application.

So far, there are applications for Twitter, Facebook, Grooveshark, Mixtape, Tweeki, Chess, GMail, and several other popular services.

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