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Pivotal Container Service updated with Kubernetes 1.10 and more enterprise features

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Pivotal Container Service

VMware and Pivotal announced updates to their jointly developed solution Pivotal Container Service (PKS). The latest version of PKS (PKS 1.1) include new features which are aimed at developer productivity, management and operations, networking and security, and high availability.

Pivotal Container Service is a purpose-built software container solution that helps organizations to simplify the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters.

To improve developer productivity, PKS 1.1 supports Kubernetes 1.10 which comes with a set of features spanning storage, node and resource management, as well as programmability and security.

It has now been integrated with VMware’s vRealize Log Insight for better log management and analytics. Enterprises can gain visibility into core layers of the container platform to better analyze the logs.

“In PKS 1.1, Log Insight integration is centrally managed with Operations Manager. It allows SSL encryption of log data in transit, as well as log limiting/throttling to prevent overflow or loss of data to the Log Insight endpoint,” wrote Narayan Mandaleeka, a group product line manager at VMware, in a blog post.

Pivotal Container Service 1.1 will allow developers to deploy Kubernetes nodes on a separate subnet, so that they can easily deploy security policies and secure the clusters from one another.

Furthermore, developers can also create node networks on an independent IP Block from Pod Networks. It will increase the flexibility and provide independence of network topology choices between Kubernetes node networks and pod networks.

For high availability, PKS new version provides support for multiple availability zones (AZs). The multi-AZ support will improve the availability of clusters by evenly spreading cluster nodes across multiple zones. Hence, in case any AZ faces downtime, the workloads can work seamlessly without interruption.

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Additionally, PKS 1.1 is integrated with VMware’s Wavefront, and VMware’s open-source Harbor container registry (Harbor 1.5). Operators can deploy PKS behind a secure HTTP/HTTPS proxy, which will help them meet the security requirements of Kubernetes production deployments.

It is now generally available.

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