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Peer 1 Recorded 100% Growth Over Last Year

Peer 1 Recorded 100% Growth Over Last Year

[DAILYHOSTNEWS] July 19, 2012, PEER 1, the global webhosting provider, announced yesterday its strong position in the international web hosting market, revealing that revenue for the nine months ended March 31, 2012 increased to $99.17 million USD.

According to the press release this excellent growth of PEER 1 will decrease the competition gap between PEER 1 and Rackspace (Leader in UK market).

The company states following key achievements as achieved by them in past 12 months:

  • Noticeable achievement was the acquisition of NetBenefit, UK manged hosting provider for $38.7 million, which uplifted PEER 1 as the second largest SME managed webhosting in UK.
  • PEER 1 Hosting achieve a Net Promoter Score of +36 (5 times the IT services average of 7) which let PEER1 tap a range of ECommerce customer to provide hosting to leading retailers around the globe, including Bang & Olufsen, Debenhams and Waitrose
  • Increment of 500+ professionals in 20 datacenters   across 13 cities within North America and Europe.  Posted 100 employees in UK following the acquisition of NetBenefit.
  • To meet increasing demands of the customers, heavy amount of $ 15.6 million was invested in developing new green data center.

Fabio Banducci, President and CEO, PEER 1 quoted, “We have seen significant growth in North America and overseas in the past twelve months. That success couldn’t have been achieved without our people. Our people and their tireless dedication to superior customer service is the reason why companies around the globe are turning to PEER 1 Hosting to realize the potential of the internet ”.

PEER 1 plans to grow by a further 50 percent in the next year, as well as move into a new office on the South Coast.

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