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PEER 1 Hosting’s new EMEA headquarters has a Helter-Skelter, Yoga Area, Golf Course & more

PEER 1 Hosting’s new EMEA headquarters has a Helter-Skelter, Yoga Area, Golf Course & more

PEER1 Hosting,a leading web hosting provider today unveiled its brand new eco-friendly EMEA headquarters in Southampton as a part of it’s regeneration project across its European offices in the UK and France. Designed to realise the company’s commitment to powering human potential online, the energy efficient office covering 17,000 sq. ft. has various fun and creative features like

  • A ‘helter-skelter’ slide from the first floor to reception
  • A grass covered Amphitheatre
  • Indoor garden with a three metre high tree, a tree house and swings suspended from the ceiling
  • A golf course and dart boards
  • A cinema room equipped with its own popcorn maker
  • A yoga area
  • A canteen, coffee bar and themed lounge areas

Here are some of the glimpses of the new office as shared by the company on social media:

“Our goal with the design of the new headquarters and EMEA offices was to make PEER 1 Hosting a place to work that inspires our staff and makes everyone that little bit more excited to turn up for work. We know that if individuals find the right job, in the right environment, with the right people, they will be more productive and want to contribute to the success of the company. This is the bedrock of the culture at PEER 1 Hosting, which is something we want to maintain and build on as we grow.” said Mr. Dominic Monkhouse, EMEA MD, PEER1 Hosting.

Positioning itself as the most ‘human company on the internet’, PEER also launched its Map of the Internet app, a 3D visualization of the world’s networks and how they are connected. On a recruitment drive right now, PEER1 enables its staff to freely choose the location they wish to work from that best suits their needs, whether it is in London, Southampton or France.

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