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Peak 10 Launches Cloud-Based SQL Database as a Service Solution

IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider Peak 10 today announced launch of its multi-tenant SQL as a Service solutions in the cloud.

A  high availability, secure Database as a Service solution, Peak 10 SQL as a Service is powered by Microsoft SQL Server® 2012 and  provides access to a high-performance managed database environment for running, developing and testing Microsoft SQL-dependent database applications.

Some key featuresand benefits of the new service are:

  1. Peak 10 SQL as a Service provides local and geo-redundant replicas with: A primary replica, a local secondary replica (synchronous/automatic failover) for business continuity and a  geo-diverse replica (asynchronous/manual failover) for disaster recovery.
  2. An environment secure database with up and running  platform  during scheduled maintenance events.
  3. 24/7/365 monitoring by Peak 10’s SQL experts.
  4. Availability of Peak 10’s PCI DSS and HIPAA/HITECH compliant, redundant cloud infrastructure.
  5. Ability to scale the resource levels quickly and cost-effectively  without interrupting operations.
  6. Availability guarantees, performance assurances, and reduced costs compared to dedicated database environments.
  7. Zero capital investment.
  8. Free availability of advanced features of the latest edition of Microsoft’s cloud-ready information platform since  Peak 10 holds the SQL Server 2012 license.
  9. No need for in-house SQL expertise and  routine maintenance.
  10. Since customers don’t have to install, configure, maintain and manage the platform, a significant amount of time is saved.
  11. Connectivity from the native SQL Server management tools.
  12. One customer’s resource consumption cannot adversely affect another. SQL Server 2012’s Resource Governor is used to  protect customers’ database-dependent application’s performance by isolating and controlling computing resources.
  13. All data elements are restricted to the database itself by SQL Server 2012’s Contained Databases feature so that end-users cannot see service information.
  14. Firewall protection to limit the  systems that are allowed to connect.

For more information, click here.

Peak 10 Cloud Infrastructure was recently validated for Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance.

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