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PayPerCloud Adds Free Branding To Its Exchange Hosting Partner Channel

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 19, 2011 – PayPerCloud currently has a large number of IT support firms and managed service providers selling its flagship Hosted Exchange service under their own brands.
But the ambitious company is aiming higher and has now offered to perform the branding of its SaaS for partners at no cost.

PayPerCloud EVP of Business Development, Tony Underwood said: “In the past companies that wanted to implement and deliver cloud solutions would have to invest significant sums of money and have the time and expertise to build out their own capabilities. If a company elected to use a provider for their Hosted Exchange offering, they still have to invest money and time dealing with branding.

But now we are adding customized branding solution to our extremely busy Hosted Exchange reseller channel, which is currently adding resellers every day of the week, to allow them to resell services under their own brand. Our rebranding capabilities allow IT firms to customize the look and content of every email the system sends. In effect, IT firms then becomes their own cloud provider without the overhead and operational hassles of building their own infrastructure from scratch while maintaining control over their brand.”

PayPerCloud provides its Hosted Exchange service to resellers at low wholesale prices starting at $1.70 per mailbox per month including support, end-of-month billing, account management and white-labeling capabilities.

Hosted Exchange is based on Microsoft’s popular Exchange Server 2010 but is delivered as a cloud-based solution on PayPerCloud’s reseller platform. The uptake of cloud computing is booming across the globe as businesses look for ways of cutting costs by replacing traditional but costly IT server-based set-ups.

With more available time, PayPerCloud Partners can rapidly increase their client base and their profits and also receive the backing of an exceptional technical support team. Unlike Microsoft’s Office 365 service and Google’s Gmail, IT providers own the customer relationship and make a good long-term profit by including Hosted Exchange with other services they offer and bill their clients.

About PayPerCloud
PayPerCloud is a full service cloud hosting company headquartered in Folsom, California.The Company specializes in creating High Availability Cloud Hosting Infrastructure and extending Cloud Enabled Software Applications to companies that need enterprise level infrastructure and stability without enterprise level costs.

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