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Partnership Brings Free Cloud Apps To Non-Profits

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 1, 2011 – Caspio, the all-in-one database platform for custom business apps,yesterday announced that its partnership with TechSoup is helping a variety of non-profit organizations launch cloud computing applications for free.

In 2011, Caspio donated several hundred licenses of its Caspio Bridge cloud database service for TechSoup to distribute to non-profits and libraries. Since the program’s inception, non-profits as diverse as housing analysis to soapbox derby racing have created custom applications utilizing Caspio’s cloud platform.

“Any non-profit that collects, delivers, or organizes data should take advantage of the free cloud database offered through this partnership,” said David A. Milliron, Vice President of Market Development at Caspio. “A key benefit is the instructor-led training that guides non-technical users through the process of building and deploying database applications for their website or intranet.”

Caspio empowers non-developers to create forms, databases, reports, and web applications without any programming or infrastructure. Common examples of cloud applications for non-profits include:

  •     Donor management
  •     Grant tracking
  •     Event management
  •     Volunteer registration
  •     Online petitions
  •     Membership systems
  •     Community portals
  •     Certification management

Non-profits who sign up through TechSoup by January 31, 2012 will receive free Caspio service to create and deploy cloud applications for public or internal use.

About Caspio
As a leader in platform-as-a-service and cloud database technology, Caspio helps tech-savvy business users shrink development time of web and mobile apps, forms and reports from weeks to a matter of hours, and from thousands of dollars to a small monthly fee. Caspio’s intuitive point-and-click database platform requires no coding skills and powers over 500,000 apps for government agencies, America’s largest newspaper websites, Fortune-500 companies, and thousands of small businesses around the world.

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