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Panzura Named in DCIG’s 2024-25 ‘Top Five Enterprise Cloud-Based NAS Consolidation Solutions’ Report

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Panzura CloudFS

Hybrid multi-cloud data management solutions provider, Panzura LLC, has announced that leading analyst firm, DCIG, has named its innovative Panzura CloudFS global file management system a “Top Five Storage Solution” in the DCIG 2024-25 Top Five Enterprise Cloud-based NAS Consolidation Solutions report.

Panzura CloudFS, a key offering from Panzura’s, has been recognized for its unique ability to simplify the management of unstructured data and files across complex enterprise environments. By leveraging patented cloud-native technology, Panzura CloudFS supports both on-premises and hybrid cloud use, offering a unified view of file resources through a global namespace. This approach not only enhances collaboration and data accessibility but also significantly improves disaster recovery and active archiving processes.

The annual DCIG report is an authoritative, independent guide that helps enterprise IT leaders to make informed decisions about technologies that support their strategic and operational needs. Panzura’s inclusion in this report is a testament to the robust capabilities of Panzura CloudFS, the heart of the Panzura Platform, including its scalability and performance in addressing the complex challenges of enterprise data sprawl.

Key features of Panzura CloudFS  

Here is what sets Panzura CloudFS apart:

  • Intelligent Caching and Synchronization: Ensuring fast file access and global file collaboration with the ability to scale beyond 100 nodes.
  • Low Latent Synchronization: Panzura CloudFS’s global synchronization at 60-second intervals ensures that new and changed data are consistently and securely updated across all nodes.
  • High Availability and Ransomware Resiliency: Enhanced data protection with options for local and global failover nodes, cloud mirroring, and AES-256 bit encryption.
  • Administration and Compliance Ease: Panzura Data Services offers a unified view for comprehensive management, monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

“We’re all trying to keep up with this crazy amount of data growing every day, right?” said Dan Waldschmidt, CEO of Panzura. “Companies are really struggling to keep everything stored and safe, while somehow trying to make sense of it all. That’s where Panzura CloudFS steps in. It pulls all your data from everywhere into one place — one you can actually trust. It’s not just throwing more storage at you; it’s about making your data smarter, safer, and easier to get to. This way, businesses aren’t just dealing with their data; they’re using it to work together better, grow, and stay ahead of the curve, all while keeping the bad guys out.”

Panzura’s recognition in the DCIG report follows a year of significant growth, underscoring its position as a frontrunner in the cloud storage and data management industry. The company recently launched Panzura Edge, an extension to Panzura CloudFS which allows users to engage in file sharing and monitoring on mobile devices. Panzura was also recognized in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Storage and Data Protection Technologies, 2023.

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