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Palo Alto Networks powers its next-gen firewall with analytics and automation capabilities

Palo Alto Networks powers its next-gen firewall with analytics and automation capabilities

Leading cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks has unveiled a number of new security capabilities for prediction of malicious attacks and then automatically stop those attacks.

The company is adding software and hardware improvements to its next-generation firewall platform and introduced a new cloud-based DNS security service.

Palo Alto mentioned that over 60 new features and tools are coming to its firewall platform that will help enterprises to boost security and simplify protections across their hybrid cloud environments.

“At Palo Alto Networks, we’re focused on simplifying security by using analytics and automation,” said Lee Klarich, chief product officer.

“Customers choose our next-generation firewall platform because of our commitment to continuous innovation and our focus on reducing the need for standalone products. Today’s announcements include our new DNS Security service, which uses machine learning to stop stealthy attacks aimed at stealing information from legitimate businesses.”

The next-generation firewall will now feature PA-7000 Series, Policy Optimizer, VM-Series, and more capabilities. The company claims that PA-7000 Series will provide faster threat prevention and around 3x faster decryption than before.

Policy Optimizer is aimed to replace legacy rules with intuitive policies for stronger security and easier management. This will help in reducing data breaches.

Whereas, the VM-Series is for the enterprises that need consistent security across their virtualized datacenters and multi-cloud. They can deploy the VM-Series in private and public cloud environments based on VMware, Cisco, KVM, OpenStack, Nutanix, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.

To get the new capabilities in the firewall, customers will need to upgrade to PAN-OS version 9.0.

Talking about the new DNS Security service, it makes use of machine learning for blocking malicious domains and prevent attacks in the progress.

Apart from the new services, Palo Alto has also made its K2-Series generally available. It is a next-generation firewall for service providers with 5G and internet of things (IoT).

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“We listened and responded to customer feedback and found that what customers want above all is simplicity and control,” said Klarich.

“With this release, we’re not only adding features like the DNS Security service, which eliminates the need for security teams to bolt on yet another standalone tool, we are minimizing manual efforts that are error-prone, so teams can focus on projects aimed at growing their business.”

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