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IDC names 5 PaaS solution providers for accelerating development and deployment

PaaS providers

Developers use cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technologies to create the applications that make up the digital world. But when it comes to delivering these applications, there are many challenges that developers and their organizations face, such as integration, security, data management, and ease of application deployment. In order to overcome these challenges, developers often turn towards open-source technologies and/or solutions from startups that seek an abstract approach to developing applications for the cloud.

In its report, ‘Cloud Platform-as-a-Service/PaaS Technologies, 2022’, IDC lists five PaaS providers whose solutions accelerate value for developers and their organizations. These five companies are Vercel, Zenity, Netlify, Severalnines, and Render.

5 open-source PaaS providers accelerating development and deployment for developers

  1. Vercel Inc.

Vercel is a web applications platform that helps customers create complex web applications quickly and easily. It provides back-end and front-end capabilities to make this process simpler and faster. This platform is designed specifically for front-end developers, giving them the speed and reliability they need to create great work.

Vercel provides the front-end teams with the tools they love. With its global edge infrastructure, Vercel enables you to create an application that is used all over the world in a short amount of time. It is also the creator and maintainer of Next.js—a React framework for production use.

People who use Vercel can enjoy a smooth, well-managed experience that helps them build great user experiences. Companies like Under Armour, Nintendo, The Washington Post, and Zapier all use Vercel to create great user experiences.

  1. Zenity

Zenity offers a holistic security governance solution for centralized control over governance policies, where IT and information security can freely allow business and pro developers to push their businesses forward while retaining full visibility and control.

There has been rapid adoption of no-code/low-code development, but the tools for governing and securing these new applications have not kept up. This leaves organizations without the ability to monitor or secure their new development pipelines. Zenity allows CIOs, CISOs, and other stakeholders to securely open new development channels making them powerful business enablers and key figures in the business growth process.

Zenity empowers developers to work together with low-code/no-code business-led development initiatives and securely moves the business forward by finding vulnerabilities, enforcing security policies, and easily prioritizing and initiating automated remediation processes.

Zenity gives organizations using No-Code/Low-Code platforms for building modern business applications and automation the benefits of cutting-edge development practices while avoiding the drawbacks.

  1. Netlify Inc.

Netlify is a platform developers can use to create fast and dynamic websites. Netlify connects different technologies, services, and APIs so that teams can be more productive and save time and money.  Netlify allows developers to connect the tools they need for modern web development into a unified workflow. This improves productivity and the ability to go live, get feedback, and make changes faster. Being a pioneer of the Jamstack movement, Netlify brings into one platform all modern web frameworks, serverless functions, and edge computing, to deliver unmatched user experiences.

  1. Severalnines

Severalnines solves critical technical issues for customers who manage multiple databases. They can choose the hosting option that best serves their needs in terms of cost, security, configuration, and data sovereignty.

Severalnines helps you manage your high-availability, open-source databases in any environment while maintaining total control. You can use ClusterControl or a classic Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) experience with CCX.

ClusterControl is a software platform that helps you automate your open-source database operations on-premises, in the cloud or both. With ClusterControl, you can manage MongoDB, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, Redis, SQL Server, MariaDB, Galera, and MySQL databases.

CCX is a DBaaS that enables you to deploy and manage performance-oriented open-source database clusters quickly and easily. It supports PostgreSQL, Redis, MariaDB, and MySQL.

  1. Render Services Inc

Render helps developers and their organizations avoid complex cloud environments and the need for skilled DevOps talent. It makes it easy to deploy clouds quickly and efficiently. Render is a unified cloud for building and running all your applications and websites. It offers free TLS certificates, DDoS protection, private networks, global CDN and auto deploys from Git.

In the digital-first world, businesses that want to be successful in the long term need to look at how technology decisions will help them achieve their business goals. This is what is driving the growth of the PaaS market. All these five companies help make developers more productive and help businesses provide a better experience to their customers.

Source: IDC

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