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ownCloud Releases ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5 With Expanded Enterprise Features, Improved Usability

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Open source secure enterprise file sync and share software developer ownCloud today announced the availability of ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5, the latest version of ownCloud Enterprise Edition.

Somes of the features of ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5 are:

ownCloud Inc. takes the community-created ownCloud Community Edition and, immediately upon launch, begins certification tests of the server, desktop clients and mobile apps. We enhance the software, upgrading it to take advantage of the new features, making it all function properly together as an integrated unit and packaging and testing the installation and upgrade process. The result is ready-for-business, easy-to-integrate and extend, secure on-premise file sync and share. – Markus Rex, CEO, ownCloud.
Markus Rex, CEO, ownCloud


  • Improved Active Directory (AD) and LDAP integration: Enhanced authentication performance with support for multiple LDAP and AD directories.
  • AES encryption at rest: Native at-rest encryption provided by ownCloud on the backend storage system makes files more secure.


  • Provisioning API: User provisioning can now be integrated into existing data center automation tools.
  • Enhanced external storage app: Users can integrate existing file stores.
  • Home directory integration: Users can integrate ownCloud with existing user home directories via CIFS or NFS.


  • Deleted Files: Users can restore deleted files and folders without the intervention of the administrator.
  • Anonymous Upload: Easier collaboration with partners and contractors.
  • Interface: Users can manage files and accounts in a simplified interface, for better account identification, and a simplified plug-in application settings panel.

Pricing for ownCloud Enterprise Edition begins at a yearly subscription of $9,000 for 50 users.

ownCloud is organizing a ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5 “What’s New” Webinar on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 12:00 PM EDT, where Frank Karlitschek, CTO and founder, ownCloud will review the ownCloud 5 Enterprise Edition.

The duration of webinar will be 1 hour. You can register here.

Here is more information on ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5. You can download the ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5 here.

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