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Orion Previews AI-Powered Portfolio Comparison Tool at Future Proof

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Combining BeFi with AI empowers advisors to deepen client relations at scale by evaluating scenarios and making decisions like never before

Longstanding vision of Eric Clarke, the pinnacle feature of Orion’s integrated technology suite will be officially launched at Ascent 2024

OMAHA, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Orion Advisor Solutions, a premier provider of wealthtech solutions for fiduciary advisors, revealed the pinnacle feature of Orion’s integrated technology suite on stage at Future Proof in Huntington Beach, Calif. In an age where technology can all too often create distance, Orion founder and CEO Eric Clarke, Chief Behavioral Officer Dr. Daniel Crosby and Technology EVP Mike Wilson demonstrated how fiduciaries can leverage a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral finance (BeFi) to cultivate richer, more impactful customer engagement using Orion’s transformative new Portfolio Comparison tool.

In today’s fast-evolving financial landscape, advisors frequently grapple with the challenge of showcasing the direct impact of portfolio decisions on risk, allocation, tax implications, and more. Traditional methods often lead to delayed response times due to inefficient, disconnected technology and frequent recalibrations. With Orion’s new Portfolio Comparison tool, tasks that once demanded multiple advisory firm staff across various platforms are now consolidated into an advisor’s integrated dashboard. Presentation-ready portfolio scenarios are ready in a matter of minutes, shortening the feedback loop with clients and empowering advisors and their teams to scale their businesses.

Orion’s groundbreaking Portfolio Comparison tool revolutionizes this process, offering unparalleled functionality and speed:

  • Scenario Visualizations: Advisors can more clearly demonstrate the potential effects of portfolio decisions, including risk factors, tax implications, and allocation changes.
  • Enhanced Precision: The tool reduces the need for guesswork and constant adjustments in decision-making.
  • Centralized Workflow: Multiple tasks can be managed within one unified platform, simplifying the advisor’s operations.
  • Custom Client Engagement: AI-driven narratives can be personalized to align with varying investor knowledge levels and behavioral characteristics, facilitating better communication.
  • Integration of Orion Systems: The tool draws on data from Orion’s connected wealthtech stack, including portfolio accounting, Orion Risk Intelligence, Eclipse Trade Rebalance engine, Redtail CRM, Communities model marketplace and the full might of the Orion platform to provide a comprehensive view.

Clarke said, “This is a true alignment of an advisor’s workflow with all of the technology in Orion’s wheelhouse. From BeFi and Orion Risk Intelligence to Orion Planning, Orion Trading and AI, our team has built an exhilarating next generation of Orion—threading everything together to create an end-to-end improved experience for both the advisor and their client. I couldn’t be prouder to announce the Portfolio Comparison tool at Future Proof, where the best minds in the business are gathered to build the future of wealth management.”

By combining portfolio accounting valuation and cost basis information with powerful analytic capabilities from Orion Risk Intelligence, advisors can effortlessly navigate “what if” conversations and decision-making. This seamless integration is enhanced further still by the inclusion of Eclipse’s trading workflows and robust rebalancing engine. Orion’s BeFi20 assessment is integrated in the portfolio compare tool, providing advisors with emotional and attitudinal insights into their clients so they can facilitate more meaningful conversations, helping clients feel understood. Additionally, AI natural language generation is utilized to produce narratives designed to help advisors to explain potentially complex investment concepts in a manner that’s relatable and understandable to their clients. In this age of AI, Orion’s tool helps advisors nurture trust and deepen client relationships.

Starting in November, Orion’s Portfolio Comparison tool will be accessible to selected advisor beta groups. By Ascent 2024, scheduled for March 12-15, 2024, in San Diego, Calif., the tool will be open to all advisors using Orion Advantage.

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