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Oracle launches new cloud native framework for developers

Oracle Cloud Native Framework

Oracle has launched a new set of cloud native managed services and on-premises software for developers. Called Oracle Cloud Native Framework, the new solution capitalizes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment.

More and more organizations are looking to embrace open source solutions and cloud capabilities. However, complex choices, lack of training and fear of vendor lock-in have become barriers to them.

Oracle wants to remove these barriers with the new cloud native capabilities and offerings, whether the organizations are deploying models on public cloud, on premises or hybrid cloud.

Since Oracle is a platinum member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), it leverages open standards to provide developers the right solutions to meet the broad deployment requirements.

“With the growing popularity of the CNCF as a unifying and organizing force in the cloud native ecosystem and organizations increasingly embracing multi cloud and hybrid cloud models, developers should have the flexibility to build and deploy their applications anywhere they choose without the threat of cloud vendor lock-in. Oracle is making this a reality,” said Don Johnson, executive vice president, product development, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Native Framework includes Oracle Functions, Streaming, Resource Manager, Monitoring, Notification Service, and Events.

Oracle Functions is a new serverless cloud service called Oracle Functions, which is based on the open source Fn Project. It is a scalable and multi-tenant solution that allow developers to focus on writing code to meet business demands, without much expertise about infrastructure concepts.

Resource Manager is a managed service for provisioning Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources and services. It uses Terraform to reduce configuration errors and increase productivity by managing infrastructure declaratively.

Monitoring, Notification Service, and Events are services for observability and analysis of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). As an integrated service, the Monitoring service provides metrics from all the resources and services in OCI. There are alarms for developers to track the metrics and act on them in case the metrics vary or exceed defined thresholds.

The Notification service enables broadcasting of messages to distributed components like email and PagerDuty. Whereas, the Events service allows developers to respond to changes in the resources of OCI.

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Oracle Cloud Native Framework will support both cloud native and traditional applications like WebLogic, Java, and database.

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