Oracle unveils new solution to eliminate challenges in migrating database to Autonomous Cloud

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Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle has introduced a new autonomous and isolated private database cloud service called Autonomous Database. The company aims to provide enterprises high-level security, reliability, and control for database workload, so that they can migrate to cloud without any concerns.

“Autonomous Database Dedicated enables customers to easily transform from manually-managed independent databases on premises, to a fully-autonomous and isolated private database cloud within the Oracle Public Cloud,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle.

“Our Autonomous Database Dedicated service eliminates the concerns enterprise customers previously had about security, isolation, and operational policies when moving to cloud.”

Oracle’s Autonomous Database is a cloud-based solution that uses machine learning algorithms to enable self-driving, self-repairing, and self-securing capabilities. These capabilities will automate the key management and security processes in database systems, such as patching, tuning and upgrading.

Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated service will offer a customizable private database cloud to customers. This cloud will run on dedicated Exadata Infrastructure in Oracle Cloud. This means that enterprises will be able to run databases of all sizes, scale, and criticality using the new solution.

The company claimed that its new offering comes with a unique architecture to provide complete workload isolation so that the databases remain protected from both external threats and malicious internal users. It also provides customizable operational policies, so that customers have better control over database provisioning, software updates, and availability.

For developers, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle SQL Developer Web, and Oracle REST Data Services.

Using APEX, the developers can create scalable and secure enterprise apps faster. They can also use it for importing spreadsheets and developing single source of truth web apps. It will now come pre-installed and pre-configured in Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle SQL Developer Web is a web interface for developers to effortlessly run queries, create tables and generate schema diagrams. Whereas, Oracle REST Data Services support will enable developers to build and deploy RESTful services for Oracle Autonomous Database.

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