Olympics Hikes Both Web Traffic & Sales In London

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Have you ever thought that the Olympics can change the dynamics of sales? DailyHostNews have collected some interesting facts that reports spurt in web traffic & sales due to the Olympics.

According to the report by IMRG (interactive media retail group) released earlier, the effects of the London Olympics will be felt  greatly on online sales, reflecting the importance of e-commerce hosting. According to IMRG, the increase in online sales is caused by the increment in the number of individuals working from home in July . This scenario is expected to continue in the month of August also.

This increased scenario is backed up by the quote from , research from o2 shows  30 percent of the people chose to work from home as to decrease the traffic on roads in this Olympic season and it eventually gave a hike in online shopping of many goods .



Olympic and sport-related goods are feeling the greatest boost. also confirmed that it is feeling the effects of Olympic fever. Rather unsurprisingly, representatives have reported an 11 per cent rise in sports-related searches and an 18 per cent pick-up in searches relating to fitness.

Dave McCall, UK country manager for, said: “While the high street is suffering since the Olympics began, online traffic is booming.

“As consumers are choosing to stay at home and watch the Olympics they are taking time out to browse online, particularly for sports and fitness gear, inspired by the great athletes on TV.”

Not only the online stores got benefitted  but many other businesses are enjoying the hike in sales due to the Olympics. The prices of the accommodation (hotels) in London have been increased by 300 percent. Some electrical retailers commented that the Olympics provided a mild boost to TV sales, although it came later than anticipated.

On the other side retailers outside London is experiencing a setback in sales as the whole crowd is shifting towards London.



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