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NTT partners with Palo Alto Networks for managed SASE solution

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Global IT infrastructure and services company, NTT Ltd is adding Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE to its Managed Campus Networks portfolio. With expansive managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capabilities including SD-WAN & cloud-delivered security plus enhanced automation & reporting functions, this comprehensive solution aims to help enterprises stay ahead of digital transformation challenges while fostering more seamless ways of working. 

The solution integrates networking and SD-WAN functionality with cloud-delivered security enabling NTT customers to securely access applications and sensitive data irrespective of location, without worrying about performance and user experience. The platform also improves operational efficiency and security outcomes with its advanced AIOps and automation capabilities. 

With NTT Managed Campus Networks with Prisma SASE, organizations will be able to reduce the number of vendors, tools, and technology stacks needed to support the business and immediately begin continuous savings. Enterprises now have a straightforward solution to their individualized customer journeys. This fully-managed model simplifies global network security while saving IT resources and reducing the burden of management. 

“We are excited to partner with Palo Alto Networks to provide this end-to-end managed SASE offering that helps customers address the challenges that confront today’s enterprise operational environment,” said Sunil Kishore, Senior EVP Managed Network and Collaboration Services Division at NTT Ltd. “The breadth of our combined technical resources and service capabilities, coupled with NTT’s global presence, will enable us to design, deliver and manage solutions for even the most complex enterprise requirements.” 

“NTT’s world-class service, support, and comprehensive set of SLAs provide a strong managed service foundation for our single vendor SASE solution,” added Anand Oswal, Senior Vice President of Products, Network Security at Palo Alto Networks. “NTT Managed Campus Networks with Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE will play an integral role in enabling organizations to secure their digital transformation journeys through enhanced operational efficiency, agility, and effective management of cloud environments, providing a true zero trust solution to safeguard today’s distributed workforce.” 

What is Prisma SASE? 

Secure access service edge is an emerging cybersecurity concept that combines WAN, and network security services like CASB, FWaaS, and Zero Trust, into a single, cloud-delivered service model. 

With the SASE security model, organizations can reap the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure to secure their networks. Not only does this flexible and cost-efficient solution reduce complexity with a single platform for threat prevention, web filtering, and firewall policies but it also enables IT teams to streamline operations by eliminating multiple point products that need managing, updating, and maintaining. 

Organizations can boost their performance and security with a SASE model. The cloud infrastructure enables users to access resources from practically anywhere. Organizations can eliminate trust assumptions and ensure complete security sessions with a Zero Trust approach to the cloud. A SASE solution incorporates full content inspection, offering robust threat prevention while implementing data protection policies for maximum safety. This framework helps protect against unwelcome access or misuse of confidential information. 

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