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Novosoft to Release Handy Backup SDK

Novosoft to Release Handy Backup SDK

Novosoft, an international software development company announced today  the upcoming SDK for their flagship software Handy Backup. The first version of the SDK will allow independent developers create plug-ins for Windows applications.Very recently Novosoft announced  initial backup seeding as a part of their Online Backup service and an advanced Linux Backup Solution.

The first version of SDK will let our partners create plug-ins with the use of existing Handy Backup features.In the next versions we will add an opportunity to easily add Handy Backup’s functionality to third-party applications, and probably open interfaces for our base plug-ins. – Alexander Rassokhin, Product Manager, Handy Backup.

“Handy Backup was always famous for its extensibility and customizability,” said Nataly Sigaeva, head of Novosoft’s Marketing Department. “In recent years, we have created over hundred customized versions for partners from very different industries. And now we decided to go a step further and create a platform that will allow third-party developers to integrate our backup technologies into their products, or even create backup solutions of their own.”

In Handy Backup, access to data is provided by plug-ins of different types. By releasing an SDK, Novosoft will allow independent developers to create their own plug-ins and add import-export capabilities to their software. Integration with Handy Backup also lets them use on-the-fly compression, encryption, differential data comparison, and other features.

“The first version of SDK will let our partners create plug-ins with the use of existing Handy Backup features,” said Alexander Rassokhin, product manager of Handy Backup. “For example, if you have a MySQL-based application, the SDK will let you specify a set of rules defining files, registry keys and database tables that need to be backed up, and create a plug-in based on this information.”

At present, Handy Backup allows backing up local and LAN files, Windows Libraries, Windows registry, HDD images, FTP, SFTP and FTPS folders, WebDAV locations, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL and DB2 databases. The SDK will allow packing these features into separate plug-ins. In the next versions  an opportunity to easily add Handy Backup’s functionality to third-party applications, and open interfaces for base plug-ins will be added.” The first version of SDK is due to release in spring 2013.

About Novosoft LLC
Established in 1992 as an offshore software development company, Novosoft now develops its own backup solutions for individual PC users and small-to-medium businesses. Rich expertise of the company’s employees, combined with well-established partnerships with IT distributors and integrators lets it stay ahead of the competition and win the highest customer satisfaction and trust. For more information, please refer to Novosoft’s website at

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup™ is a family of data backup and disaster recovery software for home and business environments. It is a cross-platform client-server solution that provides a reliable way to protect computer data in Windows and Linux networks. The software is integrated with Novosoft Remote Backup Service which is an advanced cloud system designed to save backups to a secure storage accessible over the Internet. Prices of the software range from $39 for Home Standard to $599 for Network Server edition. For more information, please refer to the product website at

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