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Novosoft Releases Backup Software for Windows 8 Netbooks

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Novosoft, one of the leading providers of backup solutions for home and small businesses, today announced the release of a new version of their flagship software Handy Backup™. The changes to the version 7.3.4 release include netbook-optimized user interface, support for netbook hardware, several new localizations, and a common installation package for home and business editions. The news comes a few days after Novosoft announced the release of a new version of their key software Handy Backup™.

Novosoft Handy Backup for Windows 8 Netbooks“In the previous version of Handy Backup, we introduced a number of improvements for high-load computers and servers hosting virtual machines,” said Aleksey Dolgushev, head of Novosoft Development Department. “Now the same changes were made to home editions as well. The use of common architecture allowed us to create one single installation package that can be used to install any home or business edition.”

Handy Backup aims to be an all-in-one solution for backing up and synchronizing individual PC files, hard drive images, and server software. The program is available in multiple editions targeted at different markets and price ranges. Earlier, users needed to install specific editions to get the desired features. In the new version, all editions are installed using one common package, and the functionality is defined by the registration number.

“We have also optimized the program for Windows 8 netbooks. It is now tailored for netbook-specific screen sizes and hardware, while being as easy to use as the desktop version.” added Alexander Rassokhin, product manager of Handy Backup. “And we have added two new localizations: our Turkish and Brazilian users can now work with the product in their native languages.”

The update to version 7.3.4 is free and is available at the product website.

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