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Novosoft Puts Forward Handy Backup New Version on Black Friday, Hot Backup Provided

Novosoft LLC, a reputed backup software developer, celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Handy Backup new version, 7.3.1, which provides hot and cloud backup, and includes other innovations.

Novosoft LLC, the developer of Handy Backup data protection software solutions for home and business usage, reported about the release of Handy Backup new version, 7.3.1. The updated product becomes “hot” backup software, has integration with WebDAV cloud storages and Windows 8. The program was renewed from the point of more secure data transfer, fast and stable operation.

“In a nutshell, Handy Backup version 7.3.1 is for “hot”, “cloud” and high-speed backup. The brand new Handy Backup covers every current need of a user”, – said Aleks Dolgushev, the Head of Handy Backup Partner Relations Department. “It is suitable for Windows 8 backup. Also, having WebDAVplug-in,Handy Backup gives you capabilities to transfer data to and get your files from popular cloud storages, as Dropbox,, Yandex.disk, and others supporting the WebDAV protocol. Handy Backup WebDAV plug-in provides you assurance of full recovery in case of accidental removal of the latest version of an important file. Handy Backup version 7.3.1 differs by high speed, security, cloud storages and Windows 8-compatibility, convenient usability.”

Novosoft LLC reported about the next step in the software evolution, with releasing a new version of the popular data backup platform for home users and companies, Handy Backup 7.3.1 Here is the list of major changes.

“Hot” backup lets you modify and save new versions of files without closing files and applications, that is, the backup is performed “on the fly”.

Support of WebDAV software backup features. For popular cloud storage services like, Yandex.Disk, JungleDisk, CloudMe, and literally almost any other cloud service supporting the WebDAV protocol data transfer, a user of the new Handy Backup can now back up the data to the servers of those services or use the cloud storage space by the services to keep some backups there. The WebDAV software functionality makes it possible to give cloud services a new life of storage, brining a scenario of cost-efficient online data reserving.

Handy Backup version 7.3.1 may be used as the software for backing up of Windows 8.
For convenience of users, the algorithm of workstation installation was completely updated. Handy Backup now includes installation package 3-in-1, three installation files go together.

Handy Backup 7.3.1 includes an updated functional of disk imaging. Due to the point that Handy Backup becomes “hot”, the creation and restoration of a disk image can be performed during system operation.
Corporate and professional users will appreciate the updated modules for MySQL and other popular databases.
Now traditional characteristics, such as high speed of data transfer during backup, the stability and high security of data transmission channels.

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a family of backup software products and online backup services for data protection of Windows PCs, servers, cross-platform networks, and Android mobile devices. The software prices extend from $0 for Handy Backup for Android, the mobile app, to $599 for Handy Backup Network Server, the mixed OS remote backup tool. For more information, feel welcome to visit the official Handy Backup brand page, Handy Backup on Google+, Facebook, @Handy_Backup channel on Twitter, and Handy Backup on Google Groups.

About Novosoft

Novosoft LLC works in the system software international market and IT consultancy since 1992. The company product line consists of programs for online data backup, ERM, and other apps. Among partners and clients there are universities (Stanford, Ohio, and more), large companies (Motorola, Siemens, and others), and numerous companies of all sizes and individuals who trust their data backup to Novosoft. Besides software development, the company is well-known for educational programs. For the detailed information, please visit

Oksana Lukina
Phone: +7 (383) 330-34-69

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