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Novosoft Cloud Suppliers Get Top Certificates

Novosoft LLC, the developer of data backup software and services, announced that data centers for Handy Backup online storage service have demonstrated their security with SAS 70 certificates.

February 6, 2012 – Novosoft, a software developer and business intelligence solution provider, introduces that the cloud suppliers of the Handy Backup online backup service have once again demonstrated their capability. The data centers got professionally inspected getting the SAS 70 Type 2 certificate, which proves the security of special administration and processes in these cloud dealer companies. This state adds cost to the commonly accepted capability of Handy Backup storage choices (backup to FTP, SFTP, local storage, and others) and makes the solution one of the business backup service market’s most reliable yet cost-saving ones.

“Online backup service is a part you can allow choosing with lack of accuracy these current days. With all the abundant player in the cloud supplier industry, you have a globe of choices: the payment plans, storage volume, and, final but not least, the stages of data protection. Back in 2011, we observed several facts containing large cloud downtimes, with Amazon EC2 servers failure. Those facts demonstrated that cloud is not all about the advantage by default and that you have be attentive in choosing a data center,” shared Aleks Dow, the vice president of Novosoft Research Department.

“Luckily, there is verification for data centers. For Handy Backup online storage service we use only those data centers which security is proved with the SAS 70 Type 2 certificate and stick to multi cloud supplier policy. Hence, in theory, with Handy Backup your corporate data remain saved even, God forbids, after a nuclear strike on a data center (hope we never get a possibility to check),” added Mr. Dow.

The online backup service by Handy Backup is a choice for storing data off. The backups are reliably passed to and from servers of a saved data center and are instantly achievable on the web. Along with off storage, also a powerful backup program provides featuring data management, automation, encryption, and other smart functions. Plus, there is an on-site backup different featured, with many alternatives for storage available (internal and external hard disk drives, network servers and computers, FTP, SFTP, etc.).

Online backup servers are managed by professional operators. The safety of storage services is proved by the SAS 70 Type 2 document. This especially involves monitoring and risk assessment, safety of data, and other control options proved to be quickly managed.

The off-site data backup service can be accessed right in the Handy Backup utility interface (e.g. on the “Where to back up” screen in the step-by-step wizard), with no manual account registration required. The manual registration is still achievable on the official Handy Backup program page.

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a data backup service for home and business users. The service features a software family of 4 products for PCs and networks and an app for Android mobile devices. The remote data backup option is available for $0.35 per GB or for a custom price (for clients with an exclusive IT infrastructure). The present software version is 7.0.15. For more information, feel welcome to visit the official Handy Backup web page and check Handy Backup on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Novosoft

Established in 1992, Novosoft LLC specializes in software development and IT consultancy services. The software line includes products for automatic data backup, metrology automation, and several others. Among Novosoft’s partners and clients there are big names like NASA, Stanford University, Microsoft, IBM, and many others. Besides the reliable business partner reputation, the company is known for social and educational initiatives. For more information

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Phone: +7 (383) 330-34-69

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