Novosoft Announced the New Capabilities for Remote Backup of Linux PCs

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Novosoft LLC announced new capabilities for centralized backup of mixed networks and remote backup of Linux PCs. The latest version of Handy Backup allows backing up Linux and Windows computers.

Novosoft LLC, an acclaimed provider of data backup solutions, announced the release of backup software for Linux, the new feature of the product’s latest Handy Backup version. The new functionality presents remote backup for computers running under Linux, and backup for mixed Windows-Linux networks. Novosoft announced that Linux workstation agents for Handy Backup are available free of charge.

“In today’s corporate networks Windows and Linux systems are often observed to be “neighbors”. Windows is commonly on user computers, while servers and network storage are running under Linux. Each system requires an individual approach in backup. It is therefore important to use specialized backup solutions. Now Handy Backup offers a specialized one, but a single solution for backing up of mixed Windows-Linux networks”, said Aleks Dolgushev, the Head of Handy Backup Business Development Department.

The solution for Linux backup by Handy Backup became a timely product for the users need in backup of Linux server and mixed networks.

There are several features of Windows-Linux backup that have been announced by Novosoft. First, backup is done from a single control panel, for both Windows and Linux network machines. Second, Handy Backup software for Linux is now more convenient than before for network storage, specifically for NAS. Now you can install Handy Backup agents on network attached storage. Due to the fact that agents can send data to Linux servers as well as to each other, Handy Backup has the high data transfer speed. The speed is provided by a unique differential backup scheme: only the changes in files are sent to the store, not all files. It is worth mentioning that Linux backup solution has one of the highest in the industry’s fastest data transfer over the network using an exclusive algorithm of differential backup.

Linux Backup Software can equally fulfill the needs of both home and business users. Handy Backup has a flexible backup scheduler which can automatically repeat tasks execution with a given rate.

L inux workstation agents are available now for free: for current users of Handy Backup Network Server versions and everybody who wants to try the solution. To get a Linux-part of Handy Backup for remote backup in networks, one needs to send an e-mail request to

Traditionally, the Windows version of Handy Backup can be used on Linux systems running under Wine, the Windows-compatibility layer for x86-based systems.

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a family of backup software products and online backup services for data protection of Windows PCs, servers, cross-platform networks, and Android mobile devices. The software prices extend from $0 for Handy Backup for Android, the mobile app, to $599 for Handy Backup Network Server, the mixed OS remote backup tool. The current version of the software is 7.3.0. For more information, feel welcome to visit the official Handy Backup brand page, Handy Backup on Google+, Facebook, @Handy_Backup channel on Twitter, and Handy Backup on Google Groups.

About Novosoft

Novosoft LLC works in the system software international market and IT consultancy since 1992. The company product line consists of programs for online data backup, ERM, and other apps. Among partners and clients there are universities (Stanford, Ohio, and more), large companies (Motorola, Siemens, and others), and numerous companies of all sizes and individuals who trust their data backup to Novosoft. Besides software development, the company is well-known for educational programs. For the detailed information, please visit


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