New SASE Solution from Netskope targets midmarket enterprises and MSPs

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Netskope has introduced a specialized Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution designed exclusively for midmarket enterprises and their associated Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This latest addition to Netskope’s comprehensive single-vendor SASE portfolio addresses the unique connectivity and cybersecurity challenges faced by midsize organizations, enabling them to navigate hybrid work environments with enhanced efficiency.

Midmarket businesses, despite their smaller size, have grappled with complexities and soaring maintenance costs due to the deployment of a multitude of security and networking tools. What makes it more challenging are the limitations of legacy security technologies and a lack of advanced options from conventional single-vendor SASE providers.

The newly unveiled Netskope SASE solution for midmarket aims to streamline security management for mid-sized enterprises. It also introduces the industry’s first unified SASE client for enhanced user experience.

Key Features of Netskope’s SASE for Midmarket Solution:

  • Enterprise-Grade Threat and Data Protection: Ready-to-use, out-of-the-box security capabilities to ensure robust protection against evolving threats.
  • Unified Management Console: An easy-to-use interface for simplified deployment and administration of networking and security policies, complemented by the industry’s first unified SASE client.
  • Netskope Borderless SD-WAN: Context-aware SD-WAN functionality enhances network agility and performance, with global coverage provided by Netskope NewEdge.

Designed with MSPs in mind

Acknowledging the growing trend of outsourcing networking and security administration, Netskope has crafted its SASE offering with MSPs at the forefront. Essential platform functionalities, such as multi-tenancy support, have been integrated to facilitate seamless deployment and management at scale for multiple customers. The offering also includes a separate pricing model tailored to appeal to midmarket organizations, with options that align with the preferences of MSPs.

With this latest release, Netskope offers a complete range of single-vendor SASE solutions that cater to businesses of varying sizes. The company continues to strengthen global partnerships with renowned MSPs, including BT, Deloitte, Orange, Telefonica, Telstra, Wipro, and more.

As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, Netskope remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower organizations to consolidate their environments without compromising on advanced networking and security features. The introduction of the midmarket-focused SASE offering indicates Netskope’s commitment to addressing the specific needs of businesses in this segment, offering a tailored solution that aligns with their budgets and operational requirements.

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