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Network London Acquires New Helpdesk Enterprise

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 12, 2011 –  Network London is a UK IT support company and cloud services provider with a majority of clients coming from the financial, recruitment and retail industries. To improve customer service and improve helpdesk satisfaction, a new helpdesk system has been acquired to assist in the tracking and supporting of customer helpdesk requests, to improve service levels for customer performance monitoring and to ensure customers are satisfied with the rapid response and the highly-personal service level offered.

The new customer helpdesk website uses the same software as NASA’s helpdesk system and provides customers with an enterprise-level ticket support system that can help companies to streamline their support process and provide an overview of an organizations’ support requirements, which can then be used by managers to increase efficiency in the organization and see problem areas within offices and departments, which in turn can lead to improved workflow and happier staff. With trouble-free machines and IT systems, staff are less stressed and this creates a better work environment for all.

Customers of Network London’s IT support and cloud hosting services receive a very personal service delivery that ensures all helpdesk requirements are tracked and logged for compliance purposes and conform to ITIL and PRINCE2 methodologies giving customers peace of mind that processes are being followed to rectify support issues within the organization and all details are logged for later reference and internal reporting.

Since 2006 Network London has provided highly-personal IT support services and cloud computing systems and with recent enhancements, the aim is to become the leading supplier of cloud systems and IT support services in the UK, using proven methodologies and passionate helpdesk support personnel based across the UK. Being one of the first cloud suppliers in the UK has given us unique experience to be able to offer enterprise-standard infrastructure to small and medium sized businesses with employees up to 2,000 people.

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