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At Community by NASSCOM Insights, we talk about the latest insights from the global and Indian technology industry across different verticals and categories. In case you have missed, signing-up to one of the largest tech community in India, here’s your fortnightly dose of what happened in the technology arena in the last two weeks.



It is time for GCCs to springboard their digital advantage [EY]
Much like the rest of the world, last year has been transformative for Indian businesses. COVID-19 adversely impacted the country in several macroeconomic parameters. It brought about a widespread transformation across almost every sector…[read more]

Understanding Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, & Data Mesh: A Quick Primer for Business Success[L&T Technology Services]
In 2011, James Dixon, the founder and then CTO of Pentaho coined the word “Data Lake.” His objective was to help overcome the issues with traditional data warehouses around the need for pre-categorization at the point of entry…[read more]

Federated Learning for Data security and Privacy in AI [QuEST Global]
The article talks about the concept of federated learning and how it can help address the issues of data ownership and privacy at a time when majority of applications and services are data driven, across the domains of healthcare, automotive, finance and consumer electronics. ..[read more]
AI Enterprise Solutions – What Does Really Matter? [Kovair Software]
Artificial Intelligence is the way forward and organizations have begun, in real earnest, to put together a strategy that will not let fall behind others. Each action that we see around us can become transformative with artificial intelligence at the helm. Simple actions like ordering food have over a period become simpler because the application remembers the past choices and based on that similar food items are shown…[read more]
GCCs in pursuit of creating ‘truly global’ entities [Real Page]
The GCCs in India have matured over the years whereby they drive global initiatives in the constantly evolving model of services and product delivery. Today, India plays host to a thriving GCC community with 1300 GCCs employing over 1.3 million people with a revenue potential to scale up to $60-$85 billion by 2025. ..[read more]
How Does an Ecommerce Business Differ from Traditional Business? [Yugasa]
Starting a business is not an easy task, it’s something that requires proper planning. The main question that will be highlighted in this post is how ecommerce is different from traditional business which you will come to know after going through this entire blog…[read more]
How Twining Culture with Technology Can Sparkle Digital Transformation[CSM Technologies]
Imagine yourself in the shoes of a CEO. Your enterprise is pulling all stops to catch up with your peers and go the scale and distance on digital. Then, a multi-million dollar proposal for digital transformation lands up on your desk…[read more]
Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions with an Integrated Control Tower [Tredence]
The global market in 2021 is faster, more digital, and more competitive than ever. Customers carry the baton, and demand signals keep flowing into the enterprise from more and more different channels…[read more]
How End-user Computing (EUC) Self-Healing Boosts User Productivity[ITC Infotech]
Has it ever happened to you that while working on a supercritical deliverable on your laptop/desktop, the application freezes or the OS behaves abnormally, nothing works except the clock that keeps ticking? You try hitting all the keys on the keyboard, but to no avail, and you are forced to press and hold the power button for a manual restart. ..[read more]
Computer Vision and AI-based Railroad Crossing Detection [Ignitarium]
In the last 40 years, more than 22,000 people were killed at U.S. railroad crossings*. But data shows that railroad crossings have become safer over time, thanks to the installation of gates and lights at more crossings, timed traffic signals and increased public education efforts. Helping further with these…[read more]
Blockchain Is Not Just For Cryptocurrencies! Here’s How Enterprises Can Leverage Blockchain To Improve Efficiency[ThinkPalm Technologies]
The term blockchain might be quite new for most of us. But if you have been following NASSCOM blogs you might have come across blockchain a few times. Though blockchain might be something we have not heard, there is absolutely no doubt that we have all come across “CRYPTOCURRENCIES”! ..[read more]
Enterprise Blockchain: The Cooperation Machine [DLT Labs]
Early in my current role leading formal architecture for DLT Labs, I had an experience that challenged me in an unexpected way. At roughly the same time my colleagues were coalescing around a strategy to provide blockchain solutions to enterprises, I came across a blog post questioning the whole idea…[read more]


Shaping up of Banking Industry 5 years from now & how GTC’s are leading the way [IBM India & Southeast Asia]
Like any other industry, banking industry has always been able to recover from financial downturns and crisis. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has also paved the way for banks across the globe think differently. Banks in 2026 or maybe 2030-how will they look or what are the changes which will drive them?…[read more]

Blockchain Technology Helping Small & Large Businesses Grow Better [iauro]
Blockchain technology is revolutionary, and its ubiquity across industries is overwhelming. While it is still too early to categorize it as an alpha solution to many of the existing industrial security and trust issues, it is good to know that blockchain technology is undoubtedly growing, and its use is entering the realm of both small and large businesses around the world…[read more]

Ford’s exit from India – a perspective
Last week, we heard the news about automotive OEM Ford exiting India, after being present in the country for more than 25 years. The company announced that manufacturing of vehicles for local sales will stop immediately, while export manufacturing will wind down at the Sanand plant by Q4 2021, and the Chennai engine and vehicle plants by Q2 2022. ..[read more]

AI in India’s Digital Transformation [NEC Corporation India]
The technology and services industry in India is entering an exciting phase with tremendous growth and opportunities across different segments. Since the last couple of decades, India’s technology service industry is at the forefront and driving technology-enabled business transformations across the world…[read more]



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