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At Community by NASSCOM Insights, we talk about the latest insights from the global and Indian technology industry across different verticals and categories. In case you have missed, signing-up to one of the largest tech community in India, here’s your fortnightly dose of what happened in the technology arena in the last two weeks.


Same-Day Delivery In eCommerce: Niche to Win [Pitney Bowes]
A ‘New Normal’ has emerged for the delivery speeds that customers expect when they order online. For good reason, same-day delivery is referred to as the ‘holy grail’ of online shopping. Consumers want their orders dispatched and delivered as fast as possible; yet, as the number of orders increases, the pressure on package delivery and shipping firms has increased….[read more]

Understanding Machine Learning & Deep Learning [DLT Labs]
Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are the two of the hottest buzzwords after Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the moment…[read more]

How Business Intelligence can give wings to organisations[ITC Infotech]
“Data is the new oil” – is something we all have echoed repeatedly but only a very small fraction of organizations have been able to truly realize it. Most organizations are accumulating a significant amount of data, that can be contextualized and analyzed to get actionable insights to drive performance improvement…[read more]
How Industrial IoT is Transforming Product Design and Manufacturing [Kovair Software]
The Internet of things is the result of a technically advanced world that is moving ahead of its time. With many inventions and innovations that aim to change the way the world works, many try to link everything together to form an information chain. One such paradigm of innovation is IoT Development which is the culmination of hardwired information, with software…[read more]
The Road Ahead for GCCs – 2022 and Beyond[Everest Group]
At the forefront of innovation across products and processes, Global Capability Centers (GCCs) today are creating a competitive advantage for their global enterprises and those based in India are particularly well-positioned to accelerate to the next level…[read more]
Artificial Intelligence – Better outcomes through improved techniques [Target in India]
Artificial Intelligence (AI) today has transformed multiple industries, including retail. The sudden spurt in AI-driven applications is driven by three major factors…[read more]
IT Infrastructure Engineering in Retail – The Now, Next, and Beyond![Lowes India]
The retail ecosystem is expanding globally, becoming more demanding. Technology systems are no longer just serving the customers locally or in the same geography; they have expanded their global footprints. Customers around the globe are now accessing these systems in one part of the world for searching & shopping for products while getting them delivered anywhere else in the world…[read more]
Quantum Computing [GS Labs]
This recent announcement from Google is absolutely jaw-dropping. Google says that its 54-qubit Sycamore processor was able to perform a calculation in 200 seconds that would have taken the world’s most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years. Is this real? Many of you have been asking me what quantum computing is all about? So, I will cover some fundamentals of quantum computing in this blog…[read more]
Electric Vehicles: Disruptive Technology in Automotive[Bosch]
A traditional mid-sized car run for 100,000 miles produces approximately 24 million g CO2 over its entire operation. A SUV class vehicle with 100,000 miles produces approximately 43 million g CO2 over its entire operation…[read more]
The Connected And Intelligent Future Of Medical Technology [L&T Technology Services]
You would probably remember the oddly charming, average-built theoretical physicist of Japanese origin Michio Kaku from his several broadcast programs on television, films, and radio. In his 2011 book Physics of the Future, Kaku writes, “When watching reruns of the old 1960s TV series Star Trek, you notice that much of this ‘twenty-third-century technology’ is already here…[read more]
Redefining Customer Experience In Banking & Financial Services Using Data And Analytics[Ugam Solutions]
Gone are the days when customers relied on a single bank to fulfil all their financial needs. Today, as financial products become increasingly commoditized, customers are quick to switch providers. In such a context, banks and financial services firms primarily rely on customer experience to differentiate themselves and improve customer loyalty…[read more]


Industrial Parks would undergo significant transformation [Colliers]
Industrial growth is paramount to the growth of the Indian economy and hence providing the necessary ecosystem for the same is critical. Industrial Parks have been in existence for many decades now and the lead in establishing the system was undertaken by government nodal agencies…[read more]

Can Women in IT sector in India embrace the emerging technology trends and rise? [Ingram Micro]
For the purposes of this blog we have analyzed the NASSCOM Women in IT survey and the Accenture tech trends 2021 to provide a possible convergence of how women can capitalize on the emerging opportunities in technology space…[read more]


Redefining Hospitality with IoT [Hughes Systique]
The Internet of Things is the most widely talked about technology trend that has affected many industries, including hospitality that aims to meet its guests’ needs and create a personalized stay experience for them…[read more]

ML Engineering and ML Ops – what’s the buzz about? [Target in India]
The term ‘ML Engineering’ has exploded in the past few years, touted as the ‘hottest job’ in Technology. However, the term ‘ML Engineering’ is nebulous, and is used in a variety of ways….[read more]




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