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Happy New Year!
We hope that you had a wonderful Xmas and New Year, just in case you missed anything- here is your fortnightly dose of all that happened on the Community by NASSCOM Insights in Dec. In 2021s first edition of Technologue 2.0, we get all the Insights from the field of IT, Emerging Tech, Digital Transformation, Tech for Good, Talent n Skills, and Policy

Tokenization vs. Encryption: How To Keep Your Data Secure
It has been more than a decade since we first heard the expression “Data is the new Oil”. As enticing as it sounded back then, data has managed to fuel up economies across major markets today. …[read more]

8 Innovative Ways To Use Speech Into Text Analytics Platform For Business
Every day your business interacts with lots of customers, and the conversation between the agent and client holds valuable business intelligence. Speech into text analysis eliminates the prospect of making a generalized and random decision about those conversations with its speech and text automated analysis feature….[read more]

Can Serverless Computing Change the Developer’s World Forever?
You can create a web app. And, you will no longer need to secure and manage a server.
Seems like a dream come true for a front-end developer? Well, hold your horses! A genuinely serverless reality is far away…[read more]
Managed Services or Staff Augmentation, or Both: What Works Best for You?
The fast-moving world demands that enterprises stay upbeat and ahead of the competition. Such times ask for alterations and enhancements in the existing processes to meet the changing needs. There are no plug-and-play methods that work universally for all enterprises…[read more]
How AI is transforming education: From chalk-and-talk to click-and-learn
Education sector is emerging as one of the biggest beneficiaries of AI, specifically amidst the pandemic with the distinctive rise of online learning…[read more]
Banking of tomorrow with human and artificial intelligence
The new normal has accelerated Data and AI adoption manifold, and this has clearly shown the benefits of investing in a tech enabled future. This is enabling organizations, individuals and governments across the country and the world to not only rebound stronger from the crisis, but to reimagine a new future. ..[read more]
GCCs – A Strategic Imperative for Global Organizations
World over, businesses have been forced to adopt new ways of working — many thriving on the opportunity the crisis has provided and many struggling to survive and stay relevant. Nimble and agile organizations are recalibrating themselves and their operating models to stay relevant…[read more]

Cybersecurity Preparedness – Lessons We Learnt In 2020
To call 2020 a year filled with unprecedented challenges would not be an overstatement. Right from the eruption of COVID-19 pandemic to a comprehensive list of disruptive cyber-attacks, 2020 has engendered enormous concerns to enterprise cybersecurity teams…[read more]

Blockchain is possibly the next big tech thing happening to the world
Blockchain is an up and coming technology and has great potential in the Financial world. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been all over the news and have a great hype amongst the general public…[read more]

What are the Software Development Trends of 2021?
What are Decembers good for? Yes, they are about summarizing in the last years and building priorities for the upcoming one.

In this article, we will get a glimpse into how the software development world is going to look like in the next year and what you should include in your New Year resolutions and plans…[read more]

MCA update: Companies permitted to conduct virtual board meetings till June 30, 2021
In a step to enable health safety and business continuity, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has now permitted companies to conduct virtual Board meetings for approval of annual financial statements, Board reports etc… [read more]

RBI announces the opening of second cohort under the Regulatory Sandbox
In a move to promote technological innovations aimed at financial inclusion, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had proposed to set up regulatory sandboxes where start-ups could test new products, services or business models with customers in a live environment, subject to certain safeguards and oversight…[read more]

Remote working – The New Normal: How to enable it quickly
3 Aspects that define Working in the New Normal
#TechFightsCOVID: On the other side of the pandemic
Being comfortable with the uncomfortable: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
A culture of innovation is key to exploring new frontiers of economic recovery and resilience

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