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NASSCOM Insights Newsletter-September 2021

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Is HR ready to steer the new ways of working?
NASSCOM and EY conversations with industry leaders further corroborated the fact that to unlock the potential of this unforeseen change, it is imperative for HR to renew its focus on what matters and create a resilient environment –one of empathy, inclusiveness, growth and empowerment. We are developing byte-sized insights which will enable business and people leaders to accelerate their thinking on how HR can steer into these new ways of working…
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GCC India Landscape – 2021 & Beyond!
India continues to lead as a preferred GCC destination globally, owing to a unique ecosystem it offers, abundance of talent, Tier-I & Tier-II city infrastructure, and government support. This report aims to highlight the facts, trends, and insights on India GCC landscape, digital transformation/innovation, ecosystem development, experimentation, and way forward for GCCs. The report also examines the evolution of the ecosystem, its growth drivers, and highlights the initiatives of GCCs, Industry bodies, and the Government…
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Cryptotech Industry in India- Decenralized Systems at the Centerstage of Digital Evolution
NASSCOM conducted a research on the Cryptotech Industry in India. Through secondary research and interactions with stakeholders and industry participants, insights were gathered to identify how the CryptoTech market in India is shaping up. The report further analyzes the emerging trends in the CryptoTech industry, and its potential in the Indian context. The report looks into the economic value addition, employment generation, and other benefits as presented in this insights compendium…
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Corporate -Start-up Collaboration – Fuelling innovation and unlocking value through new age partnerships
This playbook is an outcome of the discussions from NASSCOM’s four-part ER&D’s immersive series on “Corporate – Start-up Collaboration: Fuelling innovation and unlocking value through new age partnerships”. We hope that this report serves as a useful reference guide to accelerate the learning curve, design successful programs and forge outcome-oriented partnerships for both corporates and the start-ups…
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India Digital Payments: 2020 Country Adoption Report
NASSCOM’s digital payments adoption study – India Digital Payments – 2020 Country Adoption Report – presents a first-of-its-kind in the world Digital Payments Adoption Maturity Index, with a comprehensive coverage, in-depth adoption assessment, and segment-wise maturity analysis. Covering 10,000+ individuals from 150+ cities, 225+ merchants, and 230+ enterprises, the index assesses both the adoption scale and the depth of adoption of digital payments after nearly two decades of mainstream use…
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TECH BYTES – Monthly Tech Industry Bulletin –September 2021
This monthly industry bulletin is our endeavor to aggregate and feature on a regular basis, key trends and insights shaping the technology sector. The information covered here is collated from publicly available sources and gives a bird’s eye view of what has happened in the technology sector during a particular month. The report will focus on a theme for the month, Leadertalks and Industry Facts..
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Research Writes

Retaining Talent a key focus across sectors, and not just a “Tech” story
Strong results by Accenture sets the growth tone for Indian IT companies
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SaaS Strategy Playbook Series: Post Launch Part II (5/6)
SaaS Strategy Playbook Series: Post Launch Part III (6/6)
A Brief Analysis of India’s 66 Indian Unicorns
Parameters to consider while choosing an ER&D location
Digital engineering – Growing investment areas and use cases
IoT applications and impact of COVID-19 on IoT
Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India – Reimagine the Future
Transform your Workforce to Embrace the Future of Cloud
Global Semiconductor Crisis – Implications, corrective action, and the road ahead

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