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NASSCOM Insights Newsletter-Nov 2021

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The latest in technology thought leadership and insights from NASSCOM

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SCALE-UPS FROM INDIA: THE NEXT LEAP – Learnings from Indian Tech Scale-ups
NASSCOM’s first report on scale-ups analyses nearly 100 shortlisted scale-ups around various metrics like time to scale, revenue growth, funding and more. The report covers a strategy playbook section that charts out the journey of a firm from a start-up to a successful scale-up and key success mantras that can be emulated…
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The Cloud Cornerstone: Success in Action – Case study compendium-Vol. I (XaaS & SaaS)
NASSCOM, through its “Cloud Advocacy Program” is taking the lead in growing the awareness quotient about cloud among Indian enterprises. This compendium is one such attempt to highlight how various verticals have leveraged cloud to overcome multiple business problems. In the process, they have seen RoI between 25-40% in terms of costs, productivity, operational efficiencies, faster time to market, CSAT & more. One myth that this compendium may help to bust is that traditional companies are laggards when it comes to adopting technology…
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Quarterly Industry Review November-2021
Analysis of Indian Technology industry performance during the quarter ending September 2021. This analysis is based on the quarterly results declared by the top listed India-centric Technology companies which comprise over 46% of the industry…
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Quarterly Investment Factbook (Q3 CY21)
A quarterly funding update on Tech start-ups highlighting key trends and facts about the Indian tech start-up ecosystem during the quarter. It covers funding details by volume, value, stage, and other metrics. Includes a separate section on five key verticals- FinTech, HealthTech, RetailTech, EnterpriseTech and Edtech that highlights key trends and themes reflecting the different strategies adopted by ecosystem players…
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This quarterly NASSCOM ER&D Digest aims to bring insights directly from the leading organizations in the industry and provide up-to-date relevant information about the recent ER&D advancements in the country. With this digest, we intend to engage the Engineering R&D community and aid in increasing awareness about Indian businesses, products, services, and practices. This digest covers leader’s point of view, Indian ER&D news and events happening inside NASSCOM ER&D Council…
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TECH BYTES – Monthly Tech Industry Bulletin – November 2021
This monthly industry bulletin is our endeavor to aggregate and feature on a regular basis, key trends and insights shaping the technology sector. The information covered here is collated from publicly available sources and gives a bird’s eye view of what has happened in the technology sector during a particular month. The report will focus on a theme for the month, Leadertalks and Industry Facts..
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BPM Best Practices Playbook
The BPM Best Practices Playbook has been compiled together with a vision to share learnings from across the industry in four areas (identified through interactions with many small and mid-sized players) that have significant potential to drive impact on the business operations of the BPM organizations. The first chapter about Hiring, Onboarding, and Upskilling focuses on making these functions more streamlined, effective, and future oriented. ..
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Return to Workplace Survey – Evolving Towards Hybrid Operating Model
NASSCOM conducted a series of surveys to assess the return to workplace preparedness, sentiment, and expectations at the employee as well as the employer end. Through primary research and interactions with stakeholders, insights were gathered to identify how the Future of Work in India is shaping up. The report further analyzes the evolution towards hybrid operating model in tech industry in India, its outlook. The report looks also provides a framework for identifying the right hybrid model for organizations as presented in this insights compendium…
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Research Writes


Q3CY2021: A Quarter of Steady Funding and Growth for Start-ups
Business Trends which shaped last 3 months of start-up ecosystem (Q3 2021)
Ushering in Digital Transformation in India – Role of the Cloud
Global Capability Centers’ (GCCs) digital transformation journey in India
Digital Twin Systems Engineering – A Competitive Advantage
Digital Engineering in Healthcare sector
Business Model Innovation Through Servitization (“as-a-service”)
Use of new technologies and embedded systems for data driven decision-making in the automotive industry

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