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NASSCOM Community Newsletter-Oct vol-2

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The Art of Data Science

Several articles have been published emphasizing why data should be treated as an organizational asset. And there are many that focus on deriving value by analysing the structured data and Big Data to gain deep business insights…[read more]

How Moving to a Point-of-sale (POS) is Beneficial for Small Businesses

No matter what kind of retailer you are, the implementation of a POS (Point of Sale) system will turn your company around by offering a multitude of daily problems with an all-in-one solution…[read more]

O-RAN – How It Would Disrupt the Telecom Space

The ever-accelerating pace of change in technology advancement, market trends, growing competition, and evolving regulatory requirements is putting immense pressure on telecom companies…[read more]

Industry 4.0: Connecting Manufacturing Industries with Tech Start-ups

The first 20 years of the new millennium has seen humankind adapting to the changing landscape. Computing devices and mobile phones have led to a dramatic shift in the way we lead our lives as consumers. However, as manufacturers, there is great amount of stickiness among us in favor of the traditional style of working…[read more]

Data Lake Essentials – Part 1 – Storage and Data Processing

In today’s dynamic business environment, new data consumption requirements and use cases emerge extremely rapidly. By the time a requirements document is prepared to reflect requested changes to data stores or schemas..[read more]

Be on the Edge to maximize 5G

In the business world, we expect one plus one to be greater than two for the simple reason that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. In the case of 5G and Edge computing, the outcome is exponential rather than being additive…[read more]

With Digital Engineering, the future of Industry is Intelligent

Companies seeking a competitive strategy often raise the issue of digital continuity across engineering and manufacturing with us. The idea is to leverage digital assets consistently, from concept to service models…[read more]

What are E-commerce Upsell, Cross-Sell, and Related Products? How do they differ? A Complete Guide.

Do you know that the total population on the planet earth is nearly 7.7 billion? I believe you already know that. But do you know that one-fourth of this huge population now prefer to do shopping online? Now, this is a very surprising stat…[read more]

Will DevOps Replace Agile Development?

DevOps and Agile are both meant to increase the time to market so that there are more frequent releases and more revenue generation. However, that’s pretty much the only thing that’s common between the two methodologies…[read more]

The journey to customer delight: While being Agile

The COVID story continues to simmer and be a hot topic as businesses step into the next normal future, from thinking about it, to making it work. What to start, stop, accelerate and yet balance technology with humanity. ..[read more]

Awareness – Key To Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Nearly, all cybersecurity incidents start with the exploitation of the human tendency to make errors. Phishing and Social Engineering are the most common methods used by cybercriminals…[read more]

What Is the Current State of Additive Manufacturing?

Over the next 5-10 years, AM will become the standard manufacturing technology. Innovative designs enabled by generative design methods based on AI algorithms and the use of new materials will become common when removed from the constraints of traditional manufacturing processes…[read more]

MSMEs: The New Age Catalyst for the Indian Economy

The Indian economy has portrayed themselves as a developing market. The promise of long-term growth is positively owned by the country’s young population, healthy savings….[read more]

The Evolving Role of Telco Cloudification

The Indian telecom industry has witnessed a huge disruption in the past decade and is undergoing a digital transformation faster than any other trailing market. ..[read more]

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