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NASSCOM Centre of Excellence IoT & AI in India: Building an Ecosystem to Spur Innovation!

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India’s leading and largest collaborative innovation platform, NASSCOM Centre of Excellence IoT & AI India, is a Digital initiative that accelerates innovation in IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science by leveraging the strength and latitudes of the nation’s IT industry. Established in 2016, NASSCOM CoE is the upshot of a joint initiative of MeitY (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology) with the State Governments and the industry. The idea was to build a platform for the development of the deep-tech industry, enabling inclusion and adoption of the emerging technologies in the society.

Artificial Intelligence has perceived massive evolution in the recent past, and the conception of contemporary technologies like IoT, Big data, Machine learning and Cloud computing has further reformed its existence. This furtherance has dramatically impacted the different sectors of the industry, creating disruptive innovation to mitigate complex challenges across domains, triggering the inception of Industry 4.0 and last but not the least generating conducive opportunities for startups.

Perceiving the disruption AI is capable of engendering, NASSCOM laid the foundation of Centre of Excellence in Bangalore with the objective to stimulate the AI startup ecosystem and drive the country towards a digital transformation. The foremost intention was to establish a platform where startups could seek help on solutions development. Considering which it instituted the ‘Innovate Lab’ to provide product startups with a workspace that is well equipped with lab test & measurement equipment, allowing access to cloud credits. The provisions and knowledge-sharing facilities and mentorship has helped over 100 startups to accelerate their product development, cut down the time invested in it and develop innovative products; buoying up India’s vision for digital India.

Inspired by the traction it received and the revolution it could bring about in the ecosystem, Centre of Excellence had launched three new centres in three major cities- Gurgaon, Gandhinagar and Vizag. With this, CoE extended its initiatives to support research agendas on priority areas and topics, spreading awareness about the value the digital technologies can bring about in the industry. The organization has succoured companies to come up with cost-effective and constructive products and services to the enhance customer experience.

Making room for Collaborative Innovation!

As a stupendous deep-tech innovation ecosystem in India, Centre of Excellence’s core objective is to galvanize innovative endeavours that can stamp out the real-world challenges and measure up the evolving technological requisites, by dint of the new-fangled technologies that are validated by cross-disciplinary academic research and domain expertise. CoE’s chief agenda is to expedite the enforcement of disruptive solutions from startups and establish a large deep-tech community where industry players can pool resources to actuate best fitting technology solutions that cater to numerous industrial requirements, driving innovation in the country.

CoE has collaborated with the world’s prominent companies such as Accenture, Cisco, Bosch, Qualcomm, IBM, TATA Consultancy Services, HCL, LTI and others. This association is established with the idea of bringing distinct key stakeholders from different domains and the industry together.

Unravelling the Manufacturing Industry

CoE has ventured into partnership with industry giants such as JK Lakshmi, BPCL, Bayer, BEML, Diagio and other eminent companies to perceive the challenges and possibilities in the manufacturing ecosystem. It has set up an advantageous platform for deep-tech startups to collaborate with the mature enterprises and develop solutions that can mitigate the key challenges existing in the space. The joint effort of the enterprises, startups and NASSCOM Centre of Excellence has unravelled several co-created contrivances which have proved to be instrumental in addressing the various industrial glitches and has initialized a roadmap to trigger the digital transformation, crafting measures that precipitate technological advancements.

Modifying Healthcare to Healthtech

Centre of Excellence has grasped the responsibility of using technology to stir up the transformation which the healthcare ecosystem has been yearning for. CoE has brought together  the Govt, Hospitals, Pharma Companies, Startups & Innovators, Academia and other relevant stakeholders from the industry to promote the adoption of technology within the space. Through its partnership with leading healthcare organizations such as GE Healthcare, AstraZeneca, and Siemens Healthineers, CoE has instituted several innovative and inclusive measures to enhance the healthcare delivery in both the public and private healthcare system.

Industry Programs

To stimulate innovations and provide global companies and ecosystem players a platform to manoeuvre, CoE has conducted programs like:

  • Voice of Manufacturing-a NASSCOM CoE IndDIC’s initiative to bring together a Core group from the ecosystem and make them accessible, approachable and resolve industry problems holistically.
  • Manufacturing Innovation Challenge: a platform where industry oracles, academia, aspiring entrepreneurs and the Government can band together and drive a culture of co-creation & research to single out solutions that can solve complex industry problems.
  • LHIF– A NASSCOM Healthcare Initiative focused on Redefining the healthcare landscape by stimulating innovation and implementing the latest technologies in the healthcare ecosystem.


Path Forward

Through each of these agendas Centre of Excellence intends to bolster the tech startups to collaborate with industry experts and innovate holistic solutions that support desirable outcomes across different verticals. CoE’s varied initiatives are encouraging the local talents to contribute towards an innovation ecosystem, structuring an elbow room for both local and startups inventions spark off locally as well as globally. The advancing technology needs a platform that brings both user companies and technology providers together to join forces to inspire out-of-the-ordinary innovations and be the part of this transformation journey.

NASSCOM CoE has accelerated the implementation of viable solutions and will continue to expand the collaboration platform for enterprises, start-ups, academia and government to work together in solving industry and national challenges. It has certainly set a benchmark which can be replicated to build a unique collaborative model for catalysing technology innovation and its adoption in different domains.


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